Wet Wet Wet song

[artist #3 hit] as Wet Wet Wet/Billy Bragg with Cara Tivey written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney. 1989. 6. 09/1989. Sweet Surrender by Wet Wet Wet . from Holding Back the River . 52. 6 UK. written by Graeme Clark, Tommy Cunningham, Neil Mitchell & Marti Pellow. 7. 12/1989. Broke Away by Wet Wet Wet . Wet Wet Wet are one of the most successful Scottish bands of all time, and the ruled the charts in the late 1980s and 1990s. Lead singer Marti Pellow may have left the group, but we still love hearing their classic hits, including a certain chart beast from a hit romcom. Wet (She Got That…) Lyrics: Yeah, look / Sex, I need some wet shit / Neck, I need some becky / Yeah, I'm a lil' manish, yeah / Kiss on your belly, yeah / She got that wet shit, yeah / She got ... Wet Wet Wet Song list. Weightless (2007) More Songfacts: GrenadeBruno Mars 'Grenade' was a term used on the show Jersey Shore to mean an ugly girl. Bruno Mars says his hit song with that title was written before the show started. Passionate KissesLucinda Williams. Complete song listing of Wet Wet Wet on OLDIES.com. COVID-19: Because of processes designed to ensure the safety of our employees, you may experience a delay in the shipping of your order. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are grateful for your business and hope you are staying safe and healthy! Here is YFN Lucci x Mulatto – Wet (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music acts. Lucci dropped the original version of “Wet” in February. Wet Wet Wet are a successful Scottish pop band who scored a number of hits in the British and international charts in the 1980s and 1990s. They were formed in Clydebank, Scotland in 1982. They took their name from the Scritti Politti song, 'Gettin, havin' and holdin''.In 1994 Wet Wet Wet had their biggest hit, with a cover version of The Troggs' single 'Love is All Around', which was a huge ... View Wet Wet Wet song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. We have 2 albums and 87 song lyrics in our database. Find Wet Wet Wet song information on AllMusic. By using this site, you consent to the use of cookies. For more information, please read our cookie policy. CLOSE [X] Wet Wet Wet are a successful Scottish pop band who scored a number of hits in the British and international charts in the 1980s and 1990s. They were formed in Clydebank, Scotland in 1982. They took their name from the Scritti Politti song, 'Gettin, havin' and holdin''.In 1994 Wet Wet Wet had their biggest hit, with a cover version of The Troggs' single 'Love is All Around', which was a huge ...

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It's football, Jim. But not from your armchair.

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2020.09.23 22:49 SjoerdvDonk The hedgehog’s kink

A straight razor does what my teeth couldn't. His scream is dull around the edges. I had to get him to swallow another painkiller.
I hold his detached penis in my hand, sticky with his blood. It feels smaller than it did when it was on him, and now the base is ragged, slanting slightly to the right.
No matter. I lick the blood off the palm of my hand. His blood. The taste is intoxicating.
Now my feet feel sticky. Looking down, I see blood is starting to mat my fur. I see the now-open arteries from which it sprays.
He laughs nervously in between his short gasps for breath. Labored breathing. Shock.
"Do you feel it, still?" I ask him. "You need another pill?"
He doesn't say anything. His eyes are unfocused, a little glassy.
The hedgehog's ears perk up. "No," he forces out. "No, I'm—O.K. now."
"Sonic, I think you should take another one."
He grits his teeth, lets out a low moan, before conceding. "O.K., O.K."
I pull the little pill bottle out of my leather chaps. Twist open the top, with Sonic's severed penis squishing between my fingers. Out pops a big green pill. Zohydro, 20 mg. Two slaps on his cheek and he opens his jaw. I place the pill on his tongue.
"Wadder," he mumbles, pleading.
The rag I used for water last time, he sucked the thing dry. Two and two come together, suddenly. With the rag in the palm of my hand, I press against the bloody hole where his dick used to be. He groans, trying to buck away from me.
"Don't fight it," I command. "Don't move."
He complies, with reluctance. His blood soaks the rag in a matter of seconds.
"Yeah, baby," I coo, stuffing the rag into his mouth. His teeth sink a little bit into my fingers, pain bursting under the skin of my fingertips like fireworks. Something jolts through my dick.
"You taste that?" He nods his head. "That's your blood. How do you like it?"
Sonic sucks on the rag. "Mm," he says, high-pitched and tense.
"How does it taste?"
"Fucking," he manages to say, around my fingertips and a blood-soaked rag. He swallows the pill. I pull out of his mouth, trying to twirl his severed penis like a baton in my other hand. It's too thick to do that well. It sticks to my palm too much.
"Now," I can barely contain myself. "You want a taste of the real thing?"
He nods, enthusiastically, while swallowing hard. Opens his mouth. Sticks out his tongue.
"Close your eyes," I tease him, the tone of my voice a little sing song. His eyelids flutter, then shut. I see the change; he wants to be good for me. Not only have I captured him as prey, now I've tamed him.
I press the head of his own dick against his tongue. He traces the bottom of it, up to the tip. His saliva mixes with the beads of blood on his severed penis. Or maybe that's just the blood already in his saliva. There's so much blood; it's getting hard to tell from where it's coming.
"Go on," I push his dick a little further into his mouth. "Take a bite." Turning prey into predator. Self-predation.
He bites down into the glans. His brow furrows. He chews it more, barely getting his jaw around it. Then he takes more of it into his mouth, almost automatically, so that it slips out of my hand.
"Stop," I demand, with a hiss. "Leave some for me. That was the deal."
He does stop. The severed penis falls out of his mouth, not at all chewed. It lands in the puddle of his blood with an audible wet slap.
"I—I can't," the disappointment drips off of his voice. "I can't chew it."
I pick it up off the ground. His teeth didn't even leave a mark. I assume he didn't try hard enough. Maybe the painkillers were affecting his ability to chew.
Two slaps of his cheek get his jaw back open. "This time I'll help you," I say, getting him to accept his own severed penis into his mouth. He shakes his head, protesting around his own dick. I pull it out.
"No," he says. "I can't. It can't be chewed. It's too tough."
I examine it. It seems smaller than before, now. I carefully place it in my own mouth, feeling the cold, sticky traces of saliva on something that's already been sucked. Tasting the tang of iron that's now causing my stomach to flutter. And not in a good way.
Suppressing the urge to gag, I pull it out.
"It's too tough," he keeps saying, rolling his head deliriously. "It's too tough. It's too tough."
He knew what I was looking for. He was looking for it, too; he was ready. He had just one request, though, on where to start. Like with a slice of pizza, it's an unspoken rule that you always start at the tip.
Sliced bell peppers and onions accompany his genitals in one of my frying pans. It's too late to go to the grocery store for a lemon, so I'm hoping that some butter will help it get tenderized enough.
Tying Sonic up to a dining chair wasn't out of any erotic desire, not like the cross. It was necessary. He didn't struggle. He just couldn't sit up anymore. The telltale paling of his skin—visible even under that cheap blue dye job he has on his quills—showed me that he was running low on blood. Not that I would guess from the still-flowing stream from his crotch.
I push the severed penis around the pan, listening to the crackle of it frying. Press down against it with my wooden spoon.
It's still too tough, even now.
Suddenly from the dining room, I hear a scream. Low at first, then getting louder and more desperate. Sonic's. A ragged, wounded-animal cry tears itself from his throat.
Painkillers, I think. More painkillers. Leaving the penis on the stove, I run to his side, rapidly fishing that bottle of Zohydros out of my pocket. His eyes are wide open, just staring at nothing. The brain beginning to run out of fuel, I guess. Sputters from a motor that sucked in a fume. His screams make my head sting.
"Painkillers, Sonic," I say. Slapping his face now five, six, seven, eight times to get him to open his jaw. "The food will be ready soon, I promise."
Another pill on his tongue. This makes number nine. I press it in with my finger, making sure it adheres. For lubrication, I summon up a wad of saliva and spit in his mouth. It takes its sweet time getting there. My palm pushes against his throat, trying to manually stimulate his swallowing reflex. He swallows, he does. He takes it down. His dry tongue clicks on the roof of his mouth.
His jaw hangs slack. He stares past me, at the ceiling. He does not scream anymore.
I can't say that it doesn't slightly bother me, this mothering him. I'm not supposed to do that to prey. At least, I've never thought about doing that to prey, but this is my first time really predating.
"Sonic? Are you still with me?"
He nods, once, with his jaw still open. I push it back up, closing his mouth. And then I kiss him, deeply. Pushing my tongue into his mouth forcefully. Chewing on his lips with my own. Reminding myself of my—I mean, reminding him of his place.
Sonic's mouth moves with my own. But he doesn't kiss me back.
It's not as fun when you don't get a response.
When I walk back to the kitchen, smoke is starting to stream out of the pan. I curse, flipping Sonic's penis over with the spoon. The skin has blackened. I curse again. I suppose that's what sauce is for. Touching the meat with the base of the spoon reveals that it has softened, though, so I start to hope that something will finally go right.
Slicing through the cooked penis with a kitchen knife isn't as easy as I pictured, in my head. It's not quite sausage, no matter how much I fantasized it would be. A little spongier. I hope it tastes better than it looks.
I bring it and a warm chili with me to the table, sitting close to Sonic. He lolls his head in the direction of the noise after I set down his plate, serving him a slice of his own penis with my fork and knife. At this point, I'm not even sure if he can remember what we're doing.
"Open your mouth," I say. "Have a bite. I'm sure you're delicious."
He does open for the fork when it hits his lips. The chili helps, I think. He takes it in his mouth. He chews it once. Twice. Then spits it out. It slides down his bare chest.
"Maa," he manages.
I catch the chunk with my fork. The chili has slid off further down his chest, showing the meat's black skin.
"Come on, Sonic," I try pressing the chunk of penis back into his mouth. "Eat it. Eat your chilidog."
But this time, he doesn't even open his mouth. "Ehh," he moans, his eyes getting wider.
My brow furrows in some unknown emotion. Confusion. No, frustration. I take a fresher slice of his penis off the plate, with a good amount of chili, and put it in my own mouth.
A minute later, I'm scraping off the remains of his cooked penis into the trash.
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2020.09.23 20:04 RebornInLife Prophecy of the Crazy Horse

Prophecy of the Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse lived in a Lakota camp in present-day Wyoming with his younger half-brother, Little Hawk), son of Iron Between Horns and Waglula. Little Hawk was the nephew of his maternal step-grandfather, Long Face, and a cousin, High Horse. In 1854, the camp was entered by Lieutenant John Lawrence Grattan and 29 other U.S. troopers, who intended to arrest a Miniconjou man for having stolen a cow. The cow had wandered into the camp, and after a short time someone butchered it and passed the meat out among the people. When the soldiers fatally shot Chief Conquering Bear, the Lakota returned fire, killing all 30 soldiers and a civilian interpreter in what was later called the Grattan massacre.
After witnessing the death of Conquering Bear at the Grattan massacre, Crazy Horse began to get trance visions. Curly went out on a vision quest to seek guidance but without going through the traditional procedures first. In his vision, a warrior on his horse rode out of a lake and the horse seemed to float and dance throughout the vision. He wore simple clothing, no face paint, his hair down with just a feather in it, and a small brown stone behind his ear. Bullets and arrows flew around him as he charged forward, but neither he nor his horse were hit. A thunderstorm came over the warrior, and his people grabbed hold of his arms trying to hold him back. The warrior broke their hold and then lightning struck him, leaving a lightning symbol on his cheek, and white marks like hailstones appeared on his body. The warrior told Curly that as long he dressed modestly, his tribesmen did not touch him, and he did not take any scalps or war trophies, then he would not be harmed in battle. As the vision ended, he heard a red-tailed hawk shrieking off in the distance. Curly’s father later interpreted the vision and said that the warrior was going to be him. The lightning bolt on his cheek and the hailstones on his body were to become his war paint. Curly was to follow the warrior’s role to dress modestly and to do as the warrior's prophecy said so he would be unharmed in battle. For the most part, the vision was true and Crazy Horse was rarely harmed in battle, except for when he was struck by an arrow after taking two enemy scalps. He was shot in the face by No Water when Little Big Man tried to hold Crazy Horse back to prevent a fight from breaking out, and he was held back by one of his tribesmen—according to some reports, Little Big Man himself—when he was stabbed by a bayonet the night he died.
His father Waglula took him to what today is Sylvan Lake, South Dakota, where they both sat to do a hemblecha or vision quest. A red-tailed hawk led them to their respective spots in the hills; as the trees are tall in the Black Hills, they could not always see where they were going. Crazy Horse sat between two humps at the top of a hill north and to the east of the lake. Waglula sat south of Black Elk Peak but north of his son.
Crazy Horse's vision first took him to the South where, in Lakota spirituality, one goes upon death. He was brought back and was taken to the West in the direction of the wakiyans (thunder beings). He was given a medicine bundle to protect him for life. One of his animal protectors would be the white owl which, according to Lakota spirituality, would give extended life. He was also shown his "face paint" for battle, to consist of a yellow lightning bolt down the left side of his face, and white powder. He would wet this and put marks over his vulnerable areas; when dried, the marks looked like hailstones. His face paint was similar to that of his father, who used a red lightning strike down the right side of his face and three red hailstones on his forehead. Crazy Horse put no make-up on his forehead and did not wear a war bonnet. Lastly, he was given a sacred song that is still sung by the Oglala people today and he was told he would be a protector of his people.
Black Elk, a contemporary and cousin of Crazy Horse, related the vision in Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux, from talks with John G. Neihardt:
When I was a man, my father told me something about that vision. Of course he did not know all of it; but he said that Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that world. He was on his horse in that world, and the horse and himself on it and the trees and the grass and the stones and everything were made of spirit, and nothing was hard, and everything seemed to float. His horse was standing still there, and yet it danced around like a horse made only of shadow, and that is how he got his name, which does not mean that his horse was crazy or wild, but that in his vision it danced around in that queer way. It was this vision that gave him his great power, for when he went into a fight, he had only to think of that world to be in it again, so that he could go through anything and not be hurt. Until he was killed at the Soldiers' Town on White River, he was wounded only twice, once by accident and both times by some one of his own people when he was not expecting trouble and was not thinking; never by an enemy.
Crazy Horse received a black stone from a medicine man named Horn Chips to protect his horse, a black-and-white pinto he named Inyan (rock or stone). He placed the stone behind the horse's ear so that the medicine from his vision quest and Horn Chips would combine—he and his horse would be one in battle. The more accepted account, however, is that Horn Chips gave Crazy Horse a sacred stone that protected him from bullets. Subsequently, Crazy Horse was never wounded by a bullet. In addition, "Horn Chips" is not the correct name of this medicine man, though it has become a repeated error since its first publication in 1982. His Lakota name was Woptura and he was given the name "Chips" by the government, and was referred to as Old Man Chips. Horn Chips was one of his sons, who was also known as Charles Chips.


Crazy Horse was known to have a personality characterized by aloofness, shyness, modesty and lonesomeness. He was generous to the poor, the elderly, and children. In Black Elk Speaks, Neihardt relays:
...he was a queer man and would go about the village without noticing people or saying anything. In his own teepee he would joke, and when he was on the warpath with a small party, he would joke to make his warriors feel good. But around the village he hardly ever noticed anybody, except little children. All the Lakotas like to dance and sing; but he never joined a dance, and they say nobody ever heard him sing. But everybody liked him, and they would do anything he wanted or go anywhere he said

"Upon suffering beyond suffering: The Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world; a world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations; a world longing for light again.
I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again. In that day, there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom. I salute the light within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells.
For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be one."
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2020.09.23 11:55 QueasySubstance To the girl I love

Today is your birthday but I’m too afraid to wish you a happy birthday so I will write down these feelings instead. I remember your birthday last year and how we spent it together, this year is different because we’re no longer together. I still hope you have an amazing day today regardless.
Also, I love you. I miss you. So so much. From the bottom of my heart and beyond the stars. Words alone cannot describe my love for you. You were not the first girl I ever loved but you made all the other loves seem like a joke. Everyone told me if I love you then it’s best to let you go because I should prioritize your happiness even when that happiness involves us parting ways, but the idea of you being happy with someone else one day breaks my heart. We first met when we were completely naive with love, yet when I saw your figure for the first time my I knew then just as I know now that you’re the love of my life. Just that one smile was enough, enough to make me love you more than anyone or anything that I’ve ever seen on this earth. I suppose the biggest mistake I made was giving my heart to you and thus giving you the key to do whatever you wanted with my happiness.
If I knew breaking your heart would also break mine then I would have never done what I did. I was reckless and ignorant, I regret deeply hurting you by not being the best version of myself when we dated. Sometimes, I still think we would probably be married by now had I not treated you poorly because of my addiction and poor mental health. It took me years to realize that you, my love, are the drug I will always crave. But this realization came too late. It wasn’t until I met you that all the love songs, poems and romance movies in this world started to make sense, only then did I learn love wasn’t just a feeble notion after all. You see, it really did hit me that I will love you forever when you came to my house on my 20th birthday soaking wet because you had just walked in the rain all evening to surprise me with a cake and presents. I wish I could do the same for you on your birthday today but it’s best for both of us to not hear from each other. My heartbeat has never stopped skipping for you, since the first day we met on that cold winter night all those years ago as teenagers, to the day you said yes to be my girlfriend, to the very last time we saw each other. I can’t think of anything without being reminded of you, your shadow and memory will always be with me. I will remember the way your dimples showed when you smiled, the way your eyes looked when you cried, the way you smelled when our skin touched, the way you held me when my world crumbled down, and lastly, to the way your eyes closed whenever you kissed me. You never believed me when I said you are the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on, but dearest, you are more beautiful than them all. The girl in my story has always been you and no one else. It would be you, in London or New York or Tokyo, in cities with millions of faces, I’d always choose you, even in heaven and in hell.
I still love you very much beautiful, this fact you know is true. I have slept with a thousand people but you’re the only girl that mattered to me. You’ll have a place in my heart, forever and always. May God let us be together again someday, because sweetheart, I could wait a lifetime for you.
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2020.09.23 02:45 beeleedee3 Felt like I was in a episode of Black Mirror

When I was younger I had this one friend I'd visit often and we'd always have weird experiences when we were together, we just attracted it somehow. Since we lived close to each other we'd walk home together so it was always just us two when things go weird.
  1. We'd meet each other and walk through a tunnel to get us to where another friend lived, hated using this tunnel as it always felt creepy. It was badly lit and had many stories of people lurking down there.
After spending the day with our other friend we walked back through the tunnel together as it was getting dark. Out of nowhere I could hear really old music, as if played on some scratched vinyl as you could hear it stuttering in places. But there was no houses near us and nowhere any music could be coming from, this sent chills through me.
We sped up but the music didn't get any louder or quieter, it stayed at the same volume the entire time. The path from the tunnel back to the road is long and away from everything besides fields so where the music was coming from still confuses me to this day. The music followed us for the full of this long path and it really reminded me of that tip toe through the tulips song, with how old it was and that sort of scary atmosphere that surrounds that song. Especially late at night when you're walking back in an area that is known to be rough.
  1. Another time we were walking back from a friends house who lived quite a far walk away, at the beginning of the journey was a shop with a big multistory car park. The shop was closed as it was really late at this point, the car park was deserted and all the lights were off.
    As we approached the store/carpark a light flickered on behind the barriers, and sat there under the light was a baby pushchair with a balloon tied to the handle saying 'get well soon'. The rest of the car park in shadows and the whole thing just felt so creepy. We approached slowly to have a look, the pushchair was empty but we then noticed wet footprints on the floor. But this wasn't just any normal footprints, like normal shoes where you could see the print of the sole. It literally looked like very large clown shoes. (typing this I have chills and goosebumps remembering it).
Baring in mind the shop closed hours before and the carpark is completely closed off, no way of getting in and no one to be seen. So seeing wet clown shoe type footprints randomly on a dry day, really scared me. We walked as quickly as we could away from there and discussed it as we left the area so we wouldn't creep ourselves out too much. It really was like something out of a horror movie.
  1. The scariest out of the lot since it involved an actual person
So walking back along the path mentioned in the first one, it was really dark as we entered the tunnel and there's a dim light in the centre attempting the light it. Besides this, it was black both ends so you couldn't see anything.
As we left the tunnel we noticed a man stood there wearing all black with his hood up just resting against a railing and his head rose when he saw us approaching. His head went back down and when we noticed him we looked at each other a little scared with the stories we'd heard of the tunnel. We sped up to walk past him quickly, but as we just got past him we heard footsteps behind us.
This made us walk even quicker and I turned my head to look at him, he wasn't far behind us and had his phone in his hands as if he was recording us walking. I turned to my friend wide eyed and lipped to her that I think he's recording, she looked uneasy and shocked at this. We walked as fast as we could without going into a sprint as we knew he'd run after us.
Eventually we neared some houses and decided to take a different route to usual so we stayed near houses rather than out into more open spaces away from everyone. To our surprise, the man slowed his pace and carried on down the path so this put us at ease slightly as we carried on towards these houses.
We started to discuss how weird it was that he was so close behind us and was clearly recording us. When we got out onto a main road we had to turn right to go towards my friends, I decided to stay with her rather than walk home alone after this weird incident.
As we walked I turned and stopped, my friend turned to look where I was looking and guess who? The guy from earlier was just stood on the corner staring at us. Yet again with his phone in his hands pointing up at us as if he was recording. From the path we were on, we left at the first exit but forgot that there was a second. He'd clearly taken a gamble at the fact we'd turn right instead of left, and here we were exactly where he wanted us to be.
My friends house wasn't far from where we were at this point but we didn't know what to do since he was clearly following us. So continued to walk in the direction of her house, as we did he started to move his phone to follow us. He stayed still for a little while but as we created space between us he walked quickly to catch up, still with his phone recording. Whenever we sped up, so did he. As we neared her house we decided it was best just to leg it, then at least he might not see where we were going but we'd be in her house away from him and could easily ring the police.
Full on sprinted to hers and heard his footsteps running too. We got to her gate and flung it open, and crouched down behind her wall. Peeped up to see where he was, and his footsteps stumbled across the road looking over at the house where we were hiding in the garden. Still with his phones in his hands. We stayed down and crawled to her door, not thinking this part through as she had a porch entirely made of glass so he'd just have seen a door opening and closing by itself which drew attention immediately to where we were as when we poked our heads up, his eyes were directly on us.
We stayed in the porch for what felt like forever. The door was locked and we just kept poking our heads up to see if he was still there, and he was, with his phone out just stood blending in with the darkness of the night. She used the letterbox to shout to her Dad who appeared and asked what was going on, as we explained he looked up to see the guy stood there still staring. But as her Dad approached the porch door to go and confront him, the guy went into a sprint to get away. Finally stopping his phone from recording our every move.
I rang my Mum to come and collect me as I was not wanting to walk home after this experience. So we sat in the living room still peaking out for a good half an hour as we waited and saw no signs of him. My Mum sent a text saying she was on her way so we checked outside one last time before I went to stand in the porch and guess who was back? Creepy phone guy.
At this point I had the protection of her family as well as my own when my Mum came to get me so as soon as the car arrived outside I ran from the porch to the car. The guy stood watching with his phone out and we drove away. My friend messaged me that night saying he stood outside for ages just with his phone out staring at the house.
And after that day, we never saw anything of him again. Or so we thought since we couldn't physically see him he was wearing fully black clothes with his hood up, he'd seen us in light and had recordings of us so knew exactly what we looked like.
I really want to know what his intentions were that day. Did he get a thrill from scaring two young girls or was he actually wanting to do us harm? Stalking two girls, recording them and clearly scaring them to then stand outside their house to me comes across very threatening rather than doing it for a thrill. I felt he had bad intentions, if he'd have followed us for longer and caught up with us, what would he have done?
*There are more stories than these few*
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2020.09.23 02:33 SkyAnimal For fun, I compiled a Timeline of Archaeological, Genetic, and Geologic data. I think this is the audience that would appreciate it. (My observations in the comment section.)

A timeline of Human Development, using archaeological, genetic, and geologic data:
Earth's orbit experiences a Orbital Eccentricity, 100,000 year cycle orbit and inclination variation, going from circular to elliptical, the hemispheres experience more or less sun or exposure to the sun for extended periods, causing ice ages. Scientists estimate we are near the minimum, a 6% change in solar energy. At peak, the earth experiences a change of 30%.
44 million y a - Hominid ancestors acquire Herpes virus.
10 million y a - Primate ancestors develop genes to digest alcohol.
6 million years ago - Primate ancestors split from Chimpanzee/Bonobo line (15 million DNA mutations have occurred since then; each person born today has 100 mutations distinct to them, most don’t survive.)
5.3 m y a - Mediterranean Sea experiences the Messinian Salinity Crisis, for 600,000 years the Straight of Gibraltar closed off, causing the Mediterranean to shrink down to two inland seas with Italy and Greece separating them. Ends in the Zanclean Flood, a river of Atlantic sea water flows thru Gibraltar and fills the Mediterranean in 2 years.
5 m y a - Arabian-African continent reconnects with Asia.
4 - 3 m y a - Hominid ancestors acquire pubic lice from Gorillas (genetic evidence).
3.6 - 2.58 m y a - Considered the Neogene Period.
3.3 m y a - Stone tools found in Kenya and Ethiopia.
3-1.4 m y a - Chimpanzee Herpes oral virus mutates into Hominid genital virus, cross species transmission (Homo Habilis or Paranthropus Boisei).
2.6 m y a - Mode One Stone Tools found in Ethiopia, would subsequently spread. Flourished to 1.7 million y a in southern and eastern Africa. Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) Era (2.6 m y a till end of last Ice Age, 11,000 y a). Subdivided into the Early- or Lower Palaeolithic (c. 2,6 million years ago - c. 250,000 years ago); the Middle Palaeolithic (c. 250,000 years ago - c. 30,000 years ago); and the Late- or Upper Palaeolithic (c. 50,000/40,000 - c. 10,000 years ago
2.58 million - 11,700 years ago - Considered the start of the Quaternary Period, and covers the Pleistocene.
2 m years ago - Earliest Hominids start eating meat.
1.89 m y a - Earliest evidence of Homo Erectus (first to leave Africa and spread across Asia).
1.8 m years ago - Mode One Stone Tools found on Java.
1.7 m years ago - Mode Two Stone Tools (slicing, butchering, evidence of drilling tools) appear in Kenya and southern Africa.
1.6 m years ago - Mode One Stone Tools found in northern China.
1.6 - 1.5 m y a - Africa, Turkana Boy dies, likely from a tooth cavity infection. He was either 8 or 11-12 years old and 61 inches tall. Brain 880 ccm.
1.5 m y a - Kenya, possible start of Hominids using fire to cook food. (increase in caloric intake, which would lead to evolution; however, Paranthropus Boisei is the local species, brain 500-550 ccm, 54 inches tall)
1 million years ago - Likely split between ancestor of Homo Sapiens and proto-Neanderthal-Denisovan species. (Mitochondrial DNA evidence.) South Africa, evidence of fire use for cooking.
1 m - 700,000 y a - Java, Java Man dies, brain 900 ccm. 5' 8" tall.
820,000 - 580,000 y a - Durum Wheat develops out of natural hybridization with Einkorn Wheat (genetic analysis).
800,000? y a - Low world temperatures recorded. Height of Ice Age?
790,000 y a - Levant, oldest Fire hearths found. (Homo Heidelbergensis, 1,250 ccm brain, 69 in tall)
740,000? y a - Height of Ice Age?
640,000? y a - Height of Ice Age.
550,000? y a - Height of Ice Age?
540,000 - 430,000 y a - Art: Sea shell formed into decoration by Homo Erectus. (Could indicate when sea shells began to be used as whistles and horns.)
530,000? y a - Interglacial Peak (between Ice Ages, high CO2 content in the atmosphere, 524-474,000).
500,000 y a - South Africa, evidence of Spears. (Would become common 300,000 years ago.)
450,000 y a - Earliest evidence of Neanderthal.
450,000 y a - Global temperatures had dropped, stayed that way for thousands of years.
430,000 - 230,000 y a - Durum Wheat cross-breeds with wild Goat Grass (genetic analysis).
400,000 y a - Interglacial Peak (between Ice Ages, 424-374,000).
400,000 y a - Germany, oldest Spears found. France (Terra Amata), possible evidence of manmade shelter using prepared wood.
360,000? y a - Height of Ice Age.
310,000 y a - Interglacial Peak (between Ice Ages, 337-300,000).
300,000 y a - Kenya, oldest evidence of Ochre rocks being used for pigment.
300,000-200,000 y a - Origin of Male Y-Chromosome that all current males are descended from. (40% of males do not reproduce.)
270,000? y a - Height of Ice Age.
240,000 y a - Interglacial Peak (between Ice Ages, 242–230,000).
200,000 y a - France, evidence of Neanderthals fishing. "Mitochondrial Eve," source of all Human Haplo-groups that everyone is descended from, existed at this time. Scientists think that language with well formed, meaningful sentences was achieved (migration patterns, anatomy, tool making; some argue that truly modern language is 50,000 years old).
194,000-135,000 y a - Penultimate Glacial Period.
190,000 y a - Early evidence of Denisovans. (At least three interbreeding events would occur with Homo Sapiens. EPAS1 gene, hemoglobin concentration, Tibetan plateau.)
190,000-50,000 y a - Flores Island, evidence of tool use by the Human Hobbit.
170,000 - 80,000 y a - Body Lice evolve (genetic evidence, feed on human skin, live in clothing; evidence of clothing)
140,000 y a - Homo Sapiens found in Europe.
130,000 y a - Evidence of humans in North America. Crete, earliest human settlements found on the island. Art: Neanderthal necklace made of eagle talons. Croatia: Neanderthal teeth show possible dental work.
125,000 y a - Interglacial Peak (between Ice Ages, 130-115,000). Sea levels 4-6 meters (18 feet) higher then today.
110,000-15,000 y a - Last Glacial Period.
100,000-60,000 y a - Flores Island, bone fossil evidence of the Human Hobbit.
100,000 y a - Oldest example of proper human burial. South Africa, Blombos Cave, pigment (paint) creation kit found; possible oldest evidence of abstract art.
75,000 years ago - Likely rise of Hunter Genotype in Homo Sapiens.
75,000 y a - Art: Drilled snail shells found in South African cave.
73,000 y a - South Africa (Blombos Cave), evidence of Red Ochre art on pieces of stone, stone with deliberate lines cut into it possibly representing count marks.
72,000 y a - South Africa, Beads found in cave.
70,000 y a - Mitochondrial DNA suggests this is when the Haplo-group of early humans migrated out of Africa to populate the rest of the world. Earliest evidence of Glue (sticky tree gum, ochre rocks, fat cooked over fire).
70-60,000 y a - Earliest evidence of bone and stone arrowheads, found in South Africa. 64,000?
70,000 - 35,000 BCE - Neanderthal burials in Europe and Middle East.
67,000 BCE - France, burial shows skulls with trepanation (cutting holes to relieve brain pressure), earliest example of surgery.
65,000 y a - First humans settle Australia.
64,000 y a - Spain, oldest evidence found of cave art (Neanderthal hand).
61,000 y a - South Africa, possible evidence of a Sewing Needle.
60,000? y a - Height of Ice Age?
60,000 y a - Evidence of man/Neanderthal using herbal medicine.
55,000 - 40,000 y a - Italy, evidence of Neanderthal using Pine Tree Resin and Beeswax for hafting tools, in cave.
52,000 y a - Last evidence of Denisovans.
52-41,000 y a - France, Neanderthal site, bast (tree inner fiber) yarn found (evidence of basic math and organizational skills for patterns and sets, clothing, nets, tools)
50,000 - 10,000 y a - Mode Four Stone Tools (long blades).
50,000 y a - Austrailia, last evidence of megafauna. Siberia, needle made from bone found with Denisovan cave.
50,000 years ago - End point of development of Gatherer genotype (can survive famine), Teacher (can handle new and different environments, analytical).
45,000 y a - Evidence of Neanderthal and Homo Sapien interbreeding. (Fossil found, DNA tested.)
44,000 y a - Evidence of art found in Indonesia.
44,000-40,000 y a - Europe experiences cold and dry weather, displacing populations.
43-42,000 y a - Germany, oldest musical instruments (flutes) found.
42,000 y a - Australia, skeleton of man suggests Atlatl use, pre-dating earliest evidence; earliest example of cremation found. Spain, small amounts of Natural Gold found in a cave.
40,000 y a - Last evidence of Neanderthal. (Inheritance of "STAT2" gene, immune response. HYAL2 gene, helps skin recover from sunburns.) China, test on body found that ate a lot of fresh water fish.
40,000 - 26,000 y a - Studying toe bones, showed they became smaller and weaker, indicating shoes were worn. Prior to this, shoes were likely bags wrapped around feet to protect from cold.
38,000 BC - First appearance of Mode Five ground stone tools on Japan. (rock was quarried; thin slivers of flint stone, attached to hafts, man is learning the use of a "handle" for tools and "leverage", create adzes, celts, and axes; grinding helps to penetrate trees and was likely discovered when grinding plant matter; found buried with owners; were traded) Lasted till 14,000 BC. (Would not become popular elsewhere until 10,000 BC?) Germany: clay figurine featuring human with lion like appearance, thought to be earliest representation of a deity.
40,000 y a - (Mankind is at the “Forager” level.) Possible example of oldest petroglyphs. Beads found in Lebanon.
35,000 BCE - Europe, earliest examples of "Venus figurines" found buried in graves (some showing they were deliberately broken or stabbed repeatedly); would later spread to rest of Eurasia. Early examples of skulls and long bones showing red ochre, indicating possible relic worship.
35,000 y a - Germany, flute made from a vulture bone found.
31,000 - 27,000 y a - Evidence of Pit Fire (Earthernware) Pottery developing.
30,000-20,000 years ago - Explorer genotype (Ice Age refugees, idiosyncratic, asymmetrical, contrarian mentality)
30-15,000 y a - DNA evidence of Denisovan interbreeding with Homo Sapiens.
30,000 y a - Evidence of starch residue on rocks, indicating where plant matter was pounded and ground. (Would likely be the pre-cursor of developing bread from roots of cattails and ferns. Quern Grinding Stones would spread and gain popularity) Georgia, Flax used as a textile (harvested, dyed, and knotted) found in Dzudzuana Cave. Fertile Crescent, Einkorn wheat harvested in it's wild form. Evidence of man using the Atlatl. Poland: Boomerang carved from mammoth tusk found.
28,000 y a - Europe, oldest evidence of rope.
25,000 - 15,000 BCE - Blood Type A develops in the Fertile Crescent.
27,000 y a - Australia, oldest example of petroglyphs found. Czech Republic, earliest example of "Weaving" of material together to create baskets and basic cloth.
26,000-13,300 y a - Considered "Glacial Maximum", ice sheets extend to the 45th parallel north. (26,500 considered to be maximum glacial reach.)
23,000 - 12,000 y a - Perforated Batons found, made of antler, assumed to be a form of Atlatl that uses a leather strap or string to wrap around the spear and give it a slight spin, arrow or spear thrower (similar to Swiss Arrow). Right and left handed throwers find preference. Most carved with Horses, have one or two holes (one had 8 holes).
23,000 y a - Israel, Ohalo archaeological site, hunter-gatherer society that grew/harvested barley, millet, and various fruits.
21,000-17,000 y a - France, Atlatl's found in caves.
20,000 y a - Height of the Ice Age, sea levels 120 meters (360 feet) lower. Earliest example of a building/house found. Ukraine, Bullroarer (wood on rope that is swung around to create sound over long distance) found.
19,050? - 13,050 y a - Oldest Dryas Period, stadial, abrupt cooling period. Sea levels rose 10-15 m in 500 years.
17,000 BCE - Mesopotamia, Wild Emmer Wheat harvested.
18,000 - 17,500 y a - Siberia, earliest example of a domesticated dog found frozen. Germany, Bow and Arrows found. Early evidence of Darts used.
18,000 y a - Japan, oldest pottery discovered.
15,100 - 14,000 y a - Morocco, earliest example of a cemetery.
15,000 y a - Southern France, cave art depicting possible Musical Bow, Nose Flute; "The Sorcerer," a figure showing human and many animal qualities.
14,500 y a - Oldest example of bread making, Jordan desert.
14,160 - 13,820 y a - Archaeological find: infected tooth partially cleaned out with flint tools.
14,600 - 13,600 y a - "Melt Water Pulse," sea levels rose 16-24 m.
14,000? y a - Older Dryas Period, around 200 year cooling period.
13,500 - 8,200 y a - China, wild Rice domestication event occurs.
15-10,000 BCE - Himalayas, development of Blood Type B.
12,000 - 9000 BCE - Mesolithic Era (Middle Stone Age)
11,050 BCE - Syria, attempts at domesticating Rye.
13,000 y a - Greece, evidence of lentils found. Earliest evidence of Amber used in jewelry. Israel, archaeological evidence of beer like gruel for ceremonial purposes found at Haifa. Likely beginning of Slavery.
13,000 - 12,700 y a - Fertile Crescent, archaeological evidence of man corralling and using pigs.
12,900 - 11,700 y a - The Younger Dryas Period, when temperatures went cold instead of warming from the Last Glacial Maximum. Started when a massive fresh water lake in North America flooded into the Atlantic Ocean.
10,000 BCE - Jericho, considered mankind's first town, is established. Buildings of clay and straw, dead buried under homes. (Would reach 70 dwellings by 94,000 BCE.) Chickpeas domesticated. (Mode Five Ground stone tools become popularly used across the Neolithic?) Earliest evidence of the Bottle Gourd being domesticated and used (Africa and Asia variety). Azerbaijan (Caspian Sea), petroglyphs of reed boats. Starting point of Ocarina type flutes.
11,700 y a - Considered the beginning of the Holocene.
9600 BCE - Southern Levant, earliest use of wild Emmer Wheat.
11,500 - 11,000 y a - "Melt Water Pulse," sea levels rose 28 m.
11,400 y a - Cyrpress, archaeological evidence of pigs (indicating they had been domesticated and brought from the mainland).
9400 - 9200 BCE - Jordan Valley, Fig trees found, indicating earliest agriculture since these trees could not reproduce.
9130 - 7370 BCE - SE Turkey, Gobekli Tepe, oldest known worship location.
9000 BCE - Syria, oldest (Saddle) Quern found. Mesopotamia, Copper first used.
9000 - 3300 BCE - Neolithic Era, roughly. Time period of when man has begun herding, before using bronze.
11,000 - 9,000 y a - Mesopotamia, domestication of Sheep; Rammed Earth construction technique developed.
11,000-4,000 years ago - Warrior genotype (farmers, soldiers, inventors); Nomad genotype (life upon a horse, can handle different environments, good immune system)
11 or 10,000 y a - Last Ice Age ends.
8800 BCE - Emmer Wheat spreads beyond the Levant.
8700 BCE - Iraq, Copper pendant.
8500 BCE - Domestication of Barley. Domestication of peas occurs around this time. Turkey, Beer production found at Gobekli Tepe. Domestication of Cattle from the Aurochs (two separate populations, one in Mesopotamia, the other Pakistan). Oregon, oldest pair of shoes found made from bark twine. Oats possibly start to be harvested, crop mirrors wheat (is like a weed).
10,300 - 8,700 y a - China, Millet harvested.
10,200 - 9,500 y a - Emmer Wheat domesticated(?).
10,000 - 7,000 y a - Archaeological evidence of boats.
8000 BCE (10,000 years ago) - Palestine, archaeological evidence of pastoralism. Pre-Pottery Neolithic people in the Fertile Crescent form perfectly smooth stone vases. Iran, Goat domestication. Believed to be when primitive dairy-cheese making began. Flax cultivation. China, Quern Grinding Stones.
78-5,000 y a - SE Turkey, Einkorn Wheat grown and domesticated.
9,500 y a - Cyprus, earliest evidence of cat domestication. SE Anatolia, cold-working, annealing, smelting, lost wax casting of Copper.
7500 - 5700 BCE - Anatolia, Catal Hoyuk develops as a spiritual center, found many clay figurines and impressions (feminine, phallic, hunting).
7400 BCE - A monolith ends up submerged in the Straight of Sicily.
7000 BCE - Archaeological evidence for pastoralism in Africa. China: evidence of mead (honey, rice, water fermented) in pottery; evidence of musical instruments. India, first archaeological evidence of Dance, cave art; evidence of dentistry. Armenian Highlands, art depictions of Cymbals. Durum Wheat made thru artificial selection in Europe and Near East. Greece, earliest evidence of grain silos. Turkey, Catal Hoyuk, art depiction of a Slinger.
7000 - 6600 BCE - China, domestication of Soy beans.
7000 - 6000 BCE - Turkey, domestication of Bitter Vetch. (Too bitter for human consumption without being boiled several times, has been found to be great for cattle feed.)
6500-3800 BCE - Ubaid Period (Mesopotamian citystates rise, evidence of specialized workers, evidence of taxation)
6500 BCE - Turkey, evidence of lead smelting at Catal Hoyuk. (Wrapping the dead in textiles, too.) China, archaeological evidence of Silk. Kosovo, oldest Ocarina found in Europe.
8,200 - 7,600 y a - Sea levels rise rapidly. Linked to North American great fresh water lake (Agassiz, Ojibway) sudden draining into Atlantic Ocean. 8,400 y a?
6050 BCE - Moldova, evidence of man extracting salt from a natural spring.
8,000 y a - Western Europe, white skin first appears. Iran: earliest evidence of irrigation; man starts choosing sheep for their wooliness, not just meat and skin (2-3,000 years later, would start wearing wool). Georgia, earliest evidence of wine. Spain, cave painting shows people collecting honey from a wild hive, using a container to hold. China, Buckwheat cultivated (near Tibetan plateau). Earliest evidence of the Ard Plow used. Mediterranean, Broad (Fava) Beans, Broccoli. Portugal: Almendres Cromlech, begins, aligned to equinox and solstice, occupied for 2,000 years, would become largest complex in Iberian peninsula, equal to other large complexes in Europe. Anatolia: Obsidian polished into mirrors. Spelt Wheat appears. First Stone hafted Axes.
6000 - 3500 BC - Mesopotamia (Sumer), Poppy domesticated.
7500 y a - Earth experiences a cold climate period? Lasts for 500 or more years.
7500 y a - Earliest example of chickpeas being used. Poland, archaeological evidence of cheese making. Ukraine, Romania, earliest examples of traps used for hunting.
7,000 y a - Earliest example of Dolmen, single chamber tomb, consists of two stones supporting another on top (table design), found in western Europe, would spread and be common 4000 - 3000 BCE in Europe.
6950 - 6440 y a - Papua New Guinea, cultivation of Taro and Yam.
6,500 y a - Croatia, earliest example of an oven found. Slovenia, dental filling made with beeswax.
5600 BCE - Evidence of The Black Sea Flood, turning the fresh water lake into a salt water sea, rose shorelines and displaced populations (source of flood myths in religions).
5500 BCE - Pakistan, evidence of Cotton found in copper beads. Egypt, earliest Combs found (placing a leaf in the teeth can create a primitive sound instrument).
5500-5000 BCE - Serbia, Copper Smelting.
5200 - 4700 BCE - Iran, earliest evidence of a wheel, for pottery, made of stone or clay.
5000 BCE - Iranian plateau, evidence of Bronze made with naturally occurring arsenic. Tin would replace as the major ingredient (and releasing non-toxic vapors) in the late 3000 BCE period. Iran, evidence of wine found, using sealed containers. China, Hemp domestication (smoking was likely cause for spread, Iron Age would use for production); Rammed Earth construction technique. Egypt, Badarian culture starts farming, used boomerangs. Roundels, circular enclosure often with entrances aligned to solstice, would be constructed in Central Europe (Germany, 120-150 altogether). Siberia, oldest carpet found (likely a funeral gift, from Armenia, featured griffons). Mesopotamia: first use of Stamp Seals for government purposes; Rotary Quern milling stones are introduced. Armenia: possible origin of Apricots. Lake Zurich, cultivation of Pear.
4800 BCE - Egypt, early evidence of peas being grown. Cairn of Barnenez, Brittany, England, begins (burial monument and later bronze age use, considered one of the oldest and largest man made structures).
4700 - 4200 BCE - The town of Solnitstata, considered the oldest known settlement in Europe. Built around a salt deposit.
4500 BCE - Indus Valley, irrigation. Wine production reaches Greece. Carnac Stones, Brittany, France; would become large complex of standing stones, menhirs, domens, tumuli (burial mounds, with passage tombs), large rectangle formed by stone.
4500-4000 BCE - China, Investment Casting develops.
4200 - 4000 BCE - Mesopotamia develops true, easy to spin pottery wheels.
4000 BCE - (Mankind has achieved “Farmer status.”) Egyptians start building big Brick structures; manufacturing Papyrus; Gold artifacts. Earliest examples of Kilns. NE Italy, archaeological find of Appleseeds. Sicily, evidence of wine found. Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Horse domestication begins. Thought to be when Cattle were turned into Ox for Draft Animal purposes. Pontic Language Explosion. [People from north of the Caspian and Black Seas migrated around Eurasia, ancestor of western languages. (shared origins with: milk, horses, sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, grain, copper, carts, yoke, weaving, mead; patrilineal clans)]. Earliest examples of Viticulture (wine making). Levant, earliest examples of harvesting Olives; start using grain Silos. Art: Earliest depiction of Shoes, Sandals. China: example of a Loom for Silk production; Ramie (similar to flax, requires chemical processing, not as popular, believed to be used for Egyptian mummy wraps). Persia (Iran), Mung Bean domestication?, Chang (precursor to Harp) found on artwork, made with sheep guts. Mesopotamia: Stamp Seals come into use; Mirrors made of Copper; earliest pipes for moving water. Europe, farming reaches northern regions. Anatolia, Silver production.
4000 - 1000 BCE - Ethiopia, Teff is discovered (can feed people and livestock, building material).
6,000 y a - Earth experiences a cold climate period? (Starting maybe 500 years earlier and ending 500 years later.)
3800 - 3500 BCE - Czech Republic, possible evidence of earliest plowed fields.
5,700 y a - Lolland Island, a blue eyed, dark haired, dark skin woman spits out some Birch Bark gum. Oldest complete human genome extracted. Had Mononucleosis ("kissing disease"). Possible archeological evidence of pit traps used for migrating animal hunting.
3630 BCE - Oldest example of silk fabric found.
5,500 - 4,700 y a - Georgia, tomb found had honey remains on pottery. (This culture could identify Linden, Berry, and Meadow-Flower varieties.)
3500 BCE - City of Uruk: (Mesopotamia) begins outward expansion and influence, later first example of organized warfare (would influence Egyptians to start building pyramids); "Cylinder Seals," a type of noble seal, that can be rolled unto wet clay (would be popular until 1000 BCE). Iraq, Kish Tablet, considered to represent the early transition from pictographic to cuneiform. Mesopotamia, earliest Harps and Lyres found; Gold artifacts. Modern humans settle the western coast of Europe, hunter-gatherers. Egyptians show Cat domestication; Gold Smelting; used a vertical Gnomon as a primitive Sundial? Iran, Beer made from Barley. Armenia, earliest Leather Shoe found. China, Pottery in shape of silkworm indicates earliest example of Sericulture (silk worm production).
3500 - 3350 BCE - Mesopotamia, earliest evidence of wheeled vehicles. Indus Valley civilization uses Stamp Seals with a type of script.
3400 BCE (5,400 years ago) - First metal casting. France, Cow skull showing Trepanation found.
5,400 -5,100 y a - Itzi the Iceman dies in the mountains of Northern Italy. Had a copper axe. Earliest evidence of tattoos. Shoes made from two types of animal skin (bear and deer). Arsenic residue in his hair.
3300 BCE - Egypt, tomb paintings show people Dancing.
3200 BCE - Examples of using symbols to represent real life objects (would go to form written language). Ireland, construction begins on Newgrange, largest passage tomb in Europe, aligned to winter solstice. Egypt, Bead made of Meteoric Iron found.
3100 - 2900 BCE - Jemdet Nasr period, following fall of Uruk, would be known as establishing Cuneiform as a proper language.
3100 BCE - Upper and Lower Egypt unified. Mesopotamia, likely evidence of the earliest Lute type device.
3000 BCE - Onset of Bronze. Mesopotamia, Irrigation; Glass Beads appear (possible side effect of making metal); possible earliest Iron working. Sumer, Medical text found on tablet, believed oldest ever found. Egypt, first record of a Doctor named, Imhotep; Antimony harvested from rock and made into eye makeup; earliest evidence of domestic Donkeys in the south. Dromedary Camels likely domesticated in Somalia at this time. (Camel hair can be harvested for shelter and clothing, outer guard hairs make for water proof coats. Camel milk readily turns into yogurt. To turn into butter requires a clarifying agent and extended process.) Chicken reaches Europe from Asia. England, earliest Stone Circles found. Slovakia, Romania, earliest chainmail found. Sheep chosen for wooly coat, not long hair. China, Clay Bells found. India, River Buffalo domesticated (water buffalo); Jute grown for fiber (burlap). Northern Iran, earliest examples of Trumpets. SE Asia, earliest records of Radish.
2800 BCE - Solid evidence of plowed fields. China, Copper smelting discovered. Sumer, Battle Wagons (4 wheels, likely evolved into a Battle Cart, and later into Chariot).
2700 BCE - Chinese treatise on health. 40 kinds identified.
2650 BCE - Egypt, dental work found.
2630-10 BCE - Egypt, Pyramid of Djoser constructed by Imhotep, considered first.
2600 - 1900 BCE - Indus Valley, Stoneware Pottery (meaning fired at 1000 degrees Celsius), would become a major industry.
2560 BCE - Great Pyramid of Giza completed.
2500 BCE - Evidence of The Amber Road, trade route from the Baltic Sea to Mediterranean Sea. E Iran, Bactrian Camels domesticated. Iraq, "Lyres of Ur," considered world's oldest stringed instruments. Peru, oldest Sling ever found. Egypt, earliest depiction of a Khopesh (sword).
2500 - 2000 BCE - Mali, domestication of Pearl Millet. Turkey, Meteoric Iron dagger.
2400 BCE - Sumer, description of Prostitution and a Brothel-Temple to Fertility Goddess.
2300 BCE - Mesopotamia, Urukagina of Lagash, considered the earliest Law Code. (Widows and orphans exempt from taxes, state pays for funeral expenses, the rich must pay in silver and cannot force the poor against will, checked power of priests, protect from usury, abolished polyandry). Iran, Quince (fruit). China, oldest Gnomon (painted stick that casts a shadow for sundial purpose).
2200 BCE - China, first known tax, using salt.
2200-2000 BCE - Turkey, Iron Smelting.
2100 - 2050 BCE - City of Ur: Earliest written Code of Law discovered. References Butter. (Fines for bodily harm, references murder, robbery, adultery, rape. Two classes of people: free and slave.)
4000 - 3000 y a - Mesopotamia, earliest Scissors (shear, spring type). India, Mung Bean domesticated.
2000 BCE - Murals show horses pulling chariots. Horses become common in western Europe. England, Great Orme Mine started, would become largest copper mine in region (most productive between 1700 - 1400 BCE), used bone and stone tools. China, Bells made out of metal (Bellfounding); domestication of the Swamp Buffalo (water buffalo). Ghana, earliest evidence of Cowpea (black eyed pea). India, Canola/Rapeseed. Egypt, Lupin Beans. Greece, Kale grown. Pakistan, Harappa, earliest sanitation in housing.
1800 BCE - Egypt, medical text on gynecological issues; Safflower for pigment. India, Iron working.
1754 BCE - Code of Hammurabi (recognized Prostitution and gave women protection and inheritance; theorized that a fertility goddess had a temple that offered sex workers).
1700 - 1200 BCE - (Late Bronze Age) 8 societies in Middle East: Aegean, Egyptian, Hittite, Canaanite, Cypriot, Mitanni, Assyrian, Babylonian. Considered a "globalized world system." Next time this would occur is today.
1700 BCE - The "Mari Letters" reference Minoan society, King Hammurabi.
1650 BCE - Greece, earliest chariots found.
1628 BCE - Island of Thera/Santorini experiences huge volcanic eruption, possibly causing a tsunami thru eastern Europe.
1600-1500 BCE - Greece, Helmet formed of boar tusks found.
1500 BCE - Modern Trumpet design found in eastern Mediterranean. India, Pigeon Pea domesticated. Egypt, Mercury found in tombs; archaeologists find earliest Sundials found. China, Water Clocks.
1400 BCE - Syria, Hurrian Songs, cuneiform music tablet in Ugarit. Greece, oldest body armor found, made of bronze, Dendra Panoply. China, Meteoric Iron axeheads. Art representation of Scale Mail in Egypt. Art: representation of Shields.
1350 BCE - Turkey, Hittites chronicle Egyptian prisoners of war bringing "the plague.”
1300 BCE - Uluburun Shipwreck, off coast of Turkey, had 300 sixty pound copper ingots (10 tons), 1 ton of tin, and tin objects and ingots of colored glass (blue, rose, brown). From Cypress/Minoa.
1300? - 900? BCE - Eastern Mediterranean experiences a 300? year drought. (Could also be: Cypress 1200- 850. Syria 1250-1187. Galilee 1250-1100)
1279 BCE - Battle of Qadesh (Egypt vs Hittites).
1200 BCE (3,200 years ago) - Onset of Iron smelting. Earliest Camel saddles appear. Last appearance of Megaliths. India, earliest evidence of Firewalking.
1200 BCE - Eastern Mediterranean civilization collapse. Drought in Greece. Earthquake series.
1188-1177 BCE - Egypt suffers invasions from "The Sea People."
1185 BCE - Syria, Ugarit Letter, Famine.
1140? BCE - Ramses 6th, mummy found to have small pox. No record of people dying from small pox.
1100 BCE - Phoenicians establish nation. Europe, Iron Age.
1100? BCE - Earth experiences a cold temperature period?
1100-750 BCE - Egypt, Iron Smelting.
1070 BCE - Egyptian mummy found with Silk in hair, earliest evidence of Silk Road.
1000 BCE - Early Cuneiform script (late stages, still pictograph in nature). Bactria, Barbat (primitive lute). Egypt, Kenaf is grown for fibers, leaves can be eaten by animals and humans (similar to Jute and Hemp; rope, rough fabric, sails). Mediterranean, Cabbage domesticated. China, Iron Age.
930 BCE - Camel bones found in Arabian peninsula. Jordan, earliest Bloomery for Iron working found.
800 - 600 BCE - Ethiopia, Sorghum Wheat begins to be harvested.
800 BCE - Considered the beginning of Ancient Greece, after the Mycenae Civilization. China, Bloomeries used.
700-500 BCE - The Illiad composed.
700 BCE - Turkey, first Coins in Lydia. Assyria, first equipment recognized as a Saddle for a Horse.
600 BCE - Earliest example of a Steel Sword.
600-400 BCE - Ancient Greece rise of scientific inquiry and philosophy
550 BCE - The Illiad written down.
500 BCE - Camels used in warfare. Persians use kettle drums for military maneuvers, frighten enemies. Greece, Grape Syrup, early form of sweetener and preservative. Blackberries consumed around Europe. Spain, Disk Quern developed.
400 BCE - The "Celts/Gaeil" settle Ireland.
396 BCE - Olympics, horn blowing competitions.
314 BCE - China, first mention of Sweet Orange.
298 BCE - Foot powered Loom.
200 BCE - China starts making paper.
100 CE - Sorghum Wheat domesticated. Mediterranean, Cauliflower.
400 CE - Bellfounding comes to Europe.
800 CE - Start of most recent Interglacial peak period.
1200 CE (800 years ago) - First Cannon foundry. Europe, first Paper mills.
1250 - 1850 CE - Earth experiences a small Ice Age.
1500 CE - Concept of Religion becomes clearly defined.
1650 CE - Pendulum Clock.
1750 CE - France, Strawberry grown in garden. Barbados, Grapefruit.
1760 CE - Bat guano begins showing increased levels of lead, indicating the Industrial Revolution.
1880 CE (140 years ago), Carnegie steel erects skyscrapers.
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2020.09.23 01:53 DoubleJBlock Wets new song 🔥

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2020.09.22 22:21 showerthoughtatnight Music

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2020.09.22 21:26 mCoysir *Stand - Song* announcement. What should I do for Sticky Finger's, Whitesnake's and Santana's song?

The next list is the order in which I will post the songs. I have finished the first 6. Also tell me what song should I write for SF, WS and Santana! (Songs must have lyrics ofc). Tell me if I am missing any other Stand, too.
  1. OKC - 21st Century Schizoid Man
  2. MKC - In The Court Of The Crimson King
  3. KC:AU - Epitaph
  4. SP(SO) - Ocean Man
  5. KQ - Killer Queen
  6. KQ:BTD - Another One Bites The Dust
  7. STF - Stone Free
  8. TW - Holy Diver
  9. CD - Shine On You, Crazy Diamond
  10. SF - ?
  11. PH - Purple Haze
  12. WS - ?
  13. C-Moon - C-Moon
  14. MIH - Made In Heaven
  15. D4C - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  16. CD4C - Love Train
  17. S&W - Soft & Wet
  18. Santana - ?
  19. Wamuu - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
  20. Spin - Pizza Mozzarella
  21. CQ - Revenge
  22. GD - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
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2020.09.22 20:15 rachwhatsit what i wish people had told me in six months of breastfeeding

you will not always have the painfully engorged boobs you have right now after an emergency c-section and being pumped full of fluids. but h&m makes comfy nursing bras since none of yours fit.
you will wake up one day a month or so into this new gig, and your first thought will not be of physical pain.
the hospital lactation consultant will have you pump colstrum, and you won't know till way later that this is super painful and rarely necessary. you will feed it to your baby from a syringe like a baby bird. he will be reluctant to eat and you'll wake him with a wet wash rag every three hours to eat. the panic will leave you eventually and at four months you'll have a kid with so many arm rolls your sister will cal him sister schubert's.
the hakaa will get you a seriously impressive freezer stash but maybe read about sterilization techniques first.
you will not always cry in the shower over how much nursing hurts.
side nursing will help when bub is big enough.
you will sleep on your side again eventually. without waking up in a pool of milk.
you will not always have that yogurty baby smell.
latching will eventually stop hurting like hell. the lactation consultant will help a bit. the flipple technique where you use your finger to flip bub's bottom lip out will help a bit. but honestly the main thing that will help is having an older baby who nurses way more efficiently.
people will say you're a sucker for letting your baby use you as a pacifier. you are not a pacifier, you're just the center of the world to one small baby, and watching him branch out and explore because you gave him that safe place will be a source of daily marvel.
you are pretty much stuck with a baby that sputters and gags quite often, despite uphill nursing, trying different positions, eliminating dairy products, and using advanced scissors ninja moves to slow the flow of milk down. he'll keep packing on the pounds so don't sweat it.
when that special kind of despair that's only available at 3am descends, eat one of the emergency chocolate granola bars by your bed and keep going.
keep more emergency snack stashes throughout the house than sherlock has bolt holes in london.
you will go through entire seasons of bbc cop dramas of questionable quality and it will feel as if you spend months of your life tethered to a rocker and a voracious baby. this will end. your mom will think there's something wrong with the baby as apparently you were a placid baby who ate at a few regular intervals. this is probably a lie. the eighties were full of wonder babies, apparently. it is just called cluster feeding, and it will end. so when the huckleberry app says "that's a really long feeding session, are you sure you logged that properly?" just know that this too shall pass.
the era of distractible baby who will only eat in a dark room with white noise will pass. but it is annoying.
the nursing strike will also end and you won't have to go around the house topless with a baby strapped to you anymore. although it's a global pandemic, so no one really cares if you do wander around the house topless.
you may never really like breastfeeding even though you love your kid more than life.
one day your kid will pull back and smile up at you and you will think that breastfeeding really hasn't been all that bad.
bob dylan said in "to ramona" "everything passes // everything changes// just do what you think you should do." you sort of figure the song isn't about breastfeeding a baby but it could've been.
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2020.09.22 19:06 janko139 We can't call WhatsApp WAP anymore.

Due to the new Cardi B song, WAP now means wet ass pussy and isn't short for WhatsApp.
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2020.09.22 18:05 CyrusWaugh Fearless (2008) All Songs Ranked

We’ve Now arrived at part 2 of Appreciation Week, and its time to talk about Fearless, which led Taylor Swift to world wide fame, going into this record intellectually, I had pretty big expectations as I do with most sophomore records, and let me just say Fearless is one of the greatest sophomore albums in modern music, most people aren’t going to listen to this record and come out and say “this is one of the greatest sophomore records ever made”, and yes there are flaws with this record, some big glaring ones but we’ll get there, I believe there is no such thing as a perfect album, Mr. Misunderstood my all time favorite has its problems with percussion and some minor writing issues, but a perfect sophomore album is possible, famous ones include and here’s a hot take for you Anything Goes is a perfect sophomore album, another one is Pageant Material by Kacey Musgraves. Here are my requirements for a perfect sequel album: expand your instrumental sound in profound ways, continue the writing in a new compelling manner. Expand on themes created from your first album or introduce new ones, Fearless does all of this to a t, and it feels effortless. But enough of me ranting that’s for later, lets do what I originally aimed to do which is rank each song from this record.

13. The Best Day
While I think there are beautiful details in this song, this one just doesn’t really have cohesiveness in details, with lines talking about why trees change in the fall to how he’s scared of nothing at all, this happens a lot, it feels like a puzzle that looks amazing but the pieces don’t really fit together at all. It sounds really pleasant, and her voice is brought out so well, but I feel like if they trimmed and tightened the story it would be better. The final verse of this song is definitely my favorite, where she is feeling down and being bullied and its compelling how little things like window shopping can make you feel better. I think the song had a good theme for it, just needed a little more effort in the writing.

12. Hey Stephen
I think the lyrical rhyming of this song is so good, but it just falls a bit flat in instrumentation and production, drums are a little too loud for my taste and I wish the other sounds could come out. It’s a fun little love song and there’s just a whole lot more songs where the writing is more compelling or the melodies are more fun, this one is just on the lower end of this album, I think most people can agree on that, its not like I want to look with problems I just think it’s a clean performance of a simple plan. And its really hard to write about these as it can just be summed up with its too simplistic, I and don’t really enjoy doing that.

11. The Way I Loved You
The blending of pop sounds and country sounds on this record blow my mind, revisiting this record I see that this is what I’ve been wanting out of these mainstream bozos, about having this seemingly stable perfect relationship with nothing truly negative in the relationship and she feels like that is dull. She needs these arguments, she may not want to curse his name, but she needs to, I find these perfect relationships in high school definitely questionable, and a little toxicity separates those that last for years to those that last months. And this song brings up why we need it, we don’t necessarily want it, but in order for people to become more fleshed out well rounded individuals this has to occur.

10. Forever & Always
I love it when she gets bitter, if I remember correctly this was a last minute addition to the record after she recently broke up with Joe Jonas and how he said he'd love her forever and always, and after all this time he's yet to prove that, you could argue she's kinda hypocritical as she's written songs about couples no longer together but appreciate each other regardless. But then again Jonas immediately did date some other chick after breaking up with her so let her rain her vengeance, hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. The song is definitely is a blast. I think the opening drum loop is a bit out of place and it doesn't really hold up to today's standards, but still a great write and a welcome addition to the record.

9. You're Not Sorry
This is the countrier version of WANEGBT, not as fun but the sound is definitely better. After giving a dude many chances to be sincere with his apologies, so she's given up and shutting him out of her life, I've dealt with people I've given many chances to but the responsible thing to do is cut them loose like a fish dangling off the side of a boat. The buildup is executed very well with little by little each instrument enters. It isn't the most profound lyrically, but the vocal and buildup make up for that.

8. Fearless
I think this is carried by the opening detail outlining the significance of the glow from wet pavement, IDK why I love that detail so much. It is supposed to talk about this great first date, but I view it a little differently, as this can really apply to someone you care about enough to show them everything and they appreciate you for what you are. And your willing to let go of your insecurities and open not just to him/her but to the world because with them you are fearless, I haven't really reached that point but this song gives me hope that one day I will.

7. Tell Me Why
This song's true meaning has always eluded me but from what I can gather is that she wants to be with this person but he keeps changing and more and more she sees the real version of him and she can only take it so much and eventually cuts him loose, I pick this up in the opening verse and ending line about being hit with bullets and they aren't bulletproof and by the end, this person still kept shooting regardless of that, both want each other but neither can give the other what they want/need, maybe I'm over-ranking this one because its meaning is still questionable for me, but still it is one of the catchiest songs on the album regardless.

6. Change
The final song which definitely leans into the rock sound of the 2000's I just found out this was the very first song to break the top 10 for her on the hot 100, this is all about giving hope to help overcome adversity, I've had a bit of the same opening scenario she describes, and even though I'm not the one who stood tall in the end, I keep moving forward because it will happen eventually. It inspires very well and you may not agree, a majority of critics give this song a mixed response from what I've read but I adore this song, probably because the line of hallelujah feels out of place and I agree it does to a degree, but I like it nonetheless, it shows a little bit more honesty in my opinion, its a good write, from walls put around us mentally and our adversity and relentless to give up will knock them down, I like to relate this song to the quote "first they ignore you, they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win. That is this songs message summed up fairly well, if you're down on your luck with something and need a little faith, give this song a listen .

5. Breathe (ft. Colbie Caillat)
The acoustic work here is so well done, the metaphors she compares to this relationship are arguably pretty on the nose, then again I don't see other people comparing a farewell to to bumps in the road you try to avoid. And this relationship is like breathing, its something so natural, and leaving in like holding your breath which hurts, and in a way they are our lungs. It’s pretty obscure in terms of messaging. I definitely think the bridge could've been better for this track as it is the same verse. The vocal delivery definitely pushes it above the others for me, as it does tend to struggle in some other key areas, but still it is great, I've kept this on my relaxation playlist for years now, whenever I get angry or stressed out its songs like this that calm me down.

4. Fifteen
I've been one of the biggest critics of high school driven narratives, but this just feels nostalgic, where I come from, High School does not work like this at all, but I do relate to the line where she says this is life before you know who you're gonna be, I do appreciate the vivid details of this like names like Abigail, but I do admire the naivety people feel at this time which is something I feel most can relate to, as life always throws curve balls, it definitely gets the farewells right, given who I want to be, I doubt I will see most of these people I've spent four years with ever again, my ambitions are either greater or lesser than theirs, I wish I could go back and change some things, nudge some things in the right direction rather than the wrong, but still I wouldn't be where I am without them. Fifteen definitely isn't a song I can directly relate to, but its still great nevertheless.

3. You Belong With Me
You've been waiting for this, now ironically this song is amazing!!! And unironically its still amazing, look there are some songs with better writing and messages on this record but still I love it so much, while not her biggest hit it is definitely the most recognizable. It has a bit of a hidden advantage as this was literally me junior XD, the music video elevates why I love this song so much, it brings up the corniness of the small town boy and girl and makes it work so well. It is the biggest ear worm of this record, elevating Taylor Swift to a new level of stardom and to this day I think it is still the most watched country music video, I'm so glad it is as there are so many fake country songs like Meant To Be and 10,000 Hours and I would hate if they took the record. Yes, production and instrumentally this isn't the best but it takes me back to a time of innocence and young love which is probably one of the best feelings in the world, and after your first break up you have new perspective, and this song can in some way allow me to relive this feeling.

2. White Horse
At least to me this her transition of leaving her high school narrative behind, as while she continued to write many songs about relationships they didn't really rely on that high school narrative. She's done seeing this person in a fairy tale, and after letting him go, he now sees her in a new light but its too late and him on a white horse. My favorite line is where she says to be in love you have to fight to have the upper hand, and honestly she's right, every time I didn't I'd lose somebody. And unlike other songs on this record, she's not looking for revenge or being bitter, she's just sorry and says its too late. It's a really mature message, and possibly the best message of the entire record.

But come on! We both know what #1 is:

1. Love Story
This is a song I've haven't let go of for years, every thing about this song is beautiful, everything about this song brings a wave of nostalgia, it so well rounded in everything, in the writing, vocals, instrumentation, this retelling of Romeo & Juliet is one of the best I've ever heard, (because I really haven't heard another one) On spotify its one of most streamed country songs and if you cut out all the fake stuff, its the 3rd most popular. The progression of this song is amazing, I love the fiddle in this song and I'd put it up there with some of my all time favorite fiddle tracks like Feathered Indians, Ain't A Train, you'll probably take that as an insult but I don't care. It is one of the best story driven songs of the 2000s and I feel a rush every time, the key change signifies a happy ending to a love story I've only gotten 3 minutes and 55 seconds to know, and to feel emotionally invested in something so short, that is the peak of art imo

Next up is the Speak Now era, which I can tell is a fan favorite for this group, what are your personal rankings, what was you're favorite track, your experiences with this album, I 'd love to know.
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2020.09.22 16:36 Bummblee Tales of Syx - Honors to the Fallen

Tales of Syx - Honors to the Fallen

Hero's Rest, a final resting place for all the greatest warriors of the city of Maldendorf.

It is the first days of summer, in the 28th year of the First Age. The city of Maldendorf is still recuperating from the most recent of attacks orchestrated by the infamous Krull, and his Warband of raiders and warmongers. There are many dead still to bury; corpses of both friend and foe, littered so far as the outer prefecture, becoming carrion for the buzzards. Amongst the recovered dead is that of Tontham Gongeerian, one of the most renowned Homeguard veterans and regarded as the Savior of the Inner City after his passing.
A man kneels before Tontham Gongeerian's gravestone, aged beyond his years with scars that tell a thousand tales. A sword lay in the grass aside him, the leatherbound hilt that was once tight and maintained now torn, loose, and peeling, the blade that was once honed to a razor's edge now broken and ugly. Etched upon the blade once read the words of House Gongeerian, " 𝔇𝔢𝔣𝔦𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔢 𝔦𝔫 𝔇𝔢𝔣𝔢𝔞𝔱 " in calligraphic Dondorian, though the words were as broken as the blade they were written upon, and the man that once wielded it.
The Old Man knelt there as the evening breeze flowed through his tunic and carried white-willow flower petals gently through the courtyard. He remained as evening drifted into night, then day again as the dawn cascaded belts of orange light across the whole of the valley and songbirds twittered in the trees. Even as the midday rains fell, wetting him and softening the earth beneath, the Old Man remained and the sword beside him lay untouched.
Passersby would worry themselves of him, approaching to give him food as they'd not seen him eat, or shield him from the rains as they'd see him shivering, or to tell him how great of a man Tontham Gongeerian was and how his sacrifice saved the city when they'd catch him weeping, but the Old Man paid them no heed. He did not take the food that was given or accept the raincoat that was offered or even entertain the empty stories of those who knew nothing of the man. That was until a young man approached him on the fourth day, without hot soup or a raincoat or any stories to tell. The Young Man knelt beside the Old Man, a hand at his side as he grunted from the effort. They exchanged a glance - a wordless acknowledgment of one another - before returning their gaze to the gravestone of Tontham Gongeerian. They'd knelt there for hours together without sharing a word before the Young Man finally turned his gaze back to the Old Man.
"I saw him fall." Murmured the Young Man, causing the Old Man to startle a bit. A long pause filled the air.
"Did he suffer?" Inquired the Old Man, after a moment. The Young Man shook his head.
"Defiant until the end." Said the Young Man.
The Old Man hung his head, the Young turning his gaze to offer him privacy as he wept. After a few moments, the Old Man composed himself and turned, reaching for the broken sword. He gripped it adeptly, as if shaking an old friend's hand, and used its broken point to lift himself to his feet. Laying the flat of the shattered blade in his free hand, the Old Man hobbled himself to the gravestone and stood there a moment, rigid as oak.
"Thank you, my son." Said the Father, as he placed his son's broken blade upon the gravestone, tears wetting the engraved name of Tontham Gongeerian.

A love letter to the Dev for his amazing work and dedication to Songs of Syx. I've had an absolute blast playing the game and with the recent release on steam, I thought I might as well give back what little I can for a game that's given me endless hours of enjoyment.
I hoped you all enjoyed the read, writing is one of my only other hobbies besides games like these, so getting to the chance to intertwine the two was fantastic.
Thank you!
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2020.09.22 14:12 superguysteve Toad The Wet What, Robin?

Imagine living in the world where everyone has the same musical taste and knowledge as Howard.
You don’t love Toad the Wet Sprocket, you love their one song...
(Fred plays one of their other hits)
No that’s not it. Check the “Intah-net” Fred.
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2020.09.22 13:54 Knowledge_is_my_food Answering the "Hypherphantasia Checklist" in real time as I'm writing this

Visual - Picture an apple on a plate.
  1. What color is the apple? -The apple has no original color, but I can "Fill in" whatever color I can think of. Green, red, blue, translparent, glowing, you name it. I'll stick with, green, or red. Or a mixture of the two, that's more interesting.
  2. What variety is the apple? (Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Macintosh...) -I don't know types of apples, my dude, just a regular boring apple with... no incredible features per se.
  3. Which direction is the light coming from? -There was no light at first when I only created the apple, the light appeared by itself once The plate was formed. Boring white plate with no features, not even shiny, just opaque white. the apple is just there, waiting to be eaten. Once the plate was created the light likda existed, but I don't know where it is coming from.
  4. Is there a specular reflection - ie, a shiny spot, as if light is being accurately reflected by the skin of the apple? -The plate turned shiny and metallic as soon as I heard *shiny* here, completely spotless clean and avoid of any imperfections, like the armor of Iron Man, or Thor's hammer. It is a piece of art. The light is now from above, and now that my mind knows where the light is from, the apple (and the plate) are now standing on top of a wooden table, on a fancy tablecloth. Once the table was formed the table had to stand somewhere so Imagined a normal room with a normal looking door. I don't dare open it otherwise I might have to imagine the whole house and it'll take a lot of time. Mind you, I'm slow at visualizing, I'm actually the one that has to create the objects usually, as if I'm the sculptor. The light is now coming from a lightbulb, or a very fancy, crystal looking candelier--my mind cannot decide between the two.
  5. Are there imperfections in the surface? Roughness, subtle variations in the color of the apple? -Fuck. You're killing me now, too many details. The tiles of the floor, the worn out door handle, there are windows but the view outside is just blue, as if it has yet to render because I'm paying no mind to it. I can see the dirt on the floor, the cracks and bumps on the wall, and the texture of the wall, I can feel it with my hands, it's almost chalky. The table is hard and it has a nice knock to it. Again, I ain't steppin' close to that door, chief. You know what? Let's make the door disappear. And I can't. I twisted the handle to an impossible degree so I can't even open it accidentally. Good. Now let's go back to the actual fucking prompt of this, right, the apple. It is firm, as big as my fist and smooth, I cannot squeeze it, it is too firm and sturdy, only my fingernails managed to dig in a little, I put it back there on the plate with juice dripping on the tablecloth, and my fingers being wet. Cleaned everything on my pants, that's what pants are for. The walls Knock even more than the table, making them look shallow inside, maybe they are actually hollow. Interesting. Still no color if I don't want to create, and even if I have to create a color, I'm not the best at that, regrettably.
  6. Is there reflected illumination from the plate onto the apple? -Fuck you.
  7. Can you easily zoom in on the apple, rotate it, etc? How faithful to an actual 3-D physical object is this in your mind's eye? -I can rotate everything, zoom in and out, and spin the room as fast as I want to, even non-stop. I tried to stop it from rotating but it was not listening to me, so I imagined giant hands from outside holding the room still, ok, dust is falling from the ceiling and the chanellier is swinging left and right, shadow of everything is changing every second. Strange enough, maybe because it is the center of the prompt, the table is not moving or being thrown, and the apple and plate are still in the center, unmoving.
Audio - Imagine a song, one with vocals and instruments. Pick one you're familiar with.
  1. Does it have all the instruments? -I don't have this kind of immagination with audio that much. Only sometimes, sometimes it is triggered by a sound similar of what I may (or may not) have been imagining at the moment, like a song, then it is easier to imagine and actually hear the song. I remember being in the bathroom doing the deed and I heard "Sweed dreams are made of this" inside of my head, and I went along with it, it was very nice, because I knew only I could hear it. And yes, there were all of the instruments, all the voices too, sound effects, yells and whatnot of the song.
  2. Are the vocals changing pitch, tone, etc? -I... don't know, as I said it doesn't happen often so I didn't try to change it or anything. I can try now but it is not the same feeling, I can imagine all of the instruments and the voices, but it is not the same thing as hearing it and feeling it at the same time. It's just... my internal voice singing shaped and morphed as instruments and her feminine voice. (Spoiler alert, I'm a male, so I'm not mistaking my voice for her's) It doesn't sound muffled, just wrong, I'm not the one that has to mimic it, it should be spontaneous. I also had a similar experience when I supposedly read my mother's mind, I was focusing on her in the car and I heard her voice (not in my head) talking about my aunt, I knew she wasn't talking because as I said, I was focused on her and she did not open her mouth. I told her afterwards and she said she was actually thinking of my aunt, and was shocked, I supposedly also have 2 other stories like these, but I was too little to remember.
  3. Are the vocals actual words, or just sort of gibberish fitting the role? (Try singing along to whatever is going through your head out loud if you're not sure) -Actual voices.
  4. How sharp are the drums? -What drums? Really, what drums? It's just music. It depends on the music. On the genre.
  5. Can you change the tempo? -I can, and I also change the pitch if I want I noticed, but it is not the same thing.
  6. Can you make the singer sound like they huffed helium? -Yes, it is very weird, because the music does not warp, only the voice I want to. It's like a higer quality nightcore, or a worse one, idk.
  7. Can you swap out instruments? Swap out lyrics wholesale? -Yeah but the song is shit now.
  8. Can you change the key or mode of the song? -Si.
Touch/Proprioception - Imagine your hand and an object, any object, in front of you.
  1. Can you mentally reach out and touch it? -Yes.
  2. Does the object feel like it should? Hard/soft, hot/cold, smooth/rough, etc... -Yes, I can always change the texture if I don't like it.
  3. Could you feel your own imagined hand and arm? Were you aware of the physical movements in the same way that you know where your physical arm/hand/fingers are without looking? -That's how I feel when I imagine to grab things, I imagine an arm or something of my body taking things. The movements are compeltely fluid and masterfully gracious. just like my own.
  4. How heavy is the object you imagined? The right weight? -Very strange. It has no weight, I picked up the apple and thew it towards the ceiling and is behaving strangely, as if I'm in space. It has no weight but I still can pull it down with my mind, though, so no problem.
  5. Can you change that weight? -No, but I can change the direction. And decide if something has to be still, so I can fake weight.
  6. Close your eyes (mentally or physically, whatever works) and concentrate on that imagined hand. Start with the thumb. Tap it to your palm. Do the same with your index finger, then your middle, ring, little finger. Any problems? -Yes, can see everything, tapping is nice, see my nails, my veins, my skin, my pores if I zoom in enough, red muscles if I zoom even further, I'm satisfied.
  7. Can you keep going? In other words, can you continue to 'tap fingers' with fingers you don't have - imagine that you had extra fingers - despite not having a real-life analogue to compare to? -idk, too lazy. I guess yes though.
  8. Can you go a step further, and imagine the feel of wholly alien things (bird wings, say) that will require entirely fictitious input? -Oh, yes, I made the apple spin and it continued to even if I wanted it to stop, so I just straight up imagined sharp nails and dug it into the apple. And then it stopped rotating.
Smell - Imagine a flower, preferably one with a strong smell
  1. Can you smell it at all? -I cannot smell it but I can imagine the smell. The apple is fresh and the table smells like still air. I do not want to smell the floor.
  2. Does it smell strong enough, or just a faint whiff? -Normal.
  3. Is the smell accurate - a rose smelling like a rose? -No roses here, only an apple and a stinky table. Smells like an apple and a stinky table.
  4. Can you make it smell like something else - fresh cookies, say? -no, sigh.
  5. Multiple smells at once? Rose, cookies, old stinky socks? -Even if I try to smell two things at once I can't, it cames out at the and as 1 single smell.
Thank you for reading my shit here. This was all real ^^ Did the Hyperthingie test and I was positive. Yay, I guess.
I discovered about Hyperphantasia today and it is actually cool, I can always imagine scenes when I'm reading something or just for fun. But it could also just be very good immagination, not Hyperphantasia, since since when I a kid I always decided that I should be the one to control my dreams, and I desperatly waned to take control of it, and so I started to fight against my own mind, and years later I'm still doing that before going to bed (imagining scenes or creating a movie), and it is much easier now than it was back then. I think I just "trained" my imaginaty skills, but I don't know if that's possible, or an actual thing. I also read that some of you can project real images in real life, like creating peaple next to you. I can do it too, but only in my mind, I'm not seeing it, I'm imagining it It takes time for me to sculpt a person in my mind, around 2 minutes. I start from the feet to ankles, to the shape of the legs, knees and thighs, then hips, navel, ribcage, armpits, arms, the musculature of the arms, fingers, torso, the neck, the chin, the nose and then the general shape of the head, then the hair. After that I can animate it and make it incredibly real, from the hair swinging if the head is rolling, the smile, the tongue in the mouth, the saliva, the eyelids moving, the eyes blinking, each arm and hand--and finger moving separately. I used to create settings and fight scenes between characters when I was younger, so it is incredibly easy to control somone in my mind, almost too easy. It feels like I lack in "Speed of creating" and "Color" but I make it up with everything else. What do you guys think?
Been a damn hour, damn, I typed a lot.
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2020.09.22 07:44 SnooChickens8342 My Favorite Running Man Moments

Sorry for formatting, I'm on mobile. Remember to turn on captions on YouTube videos. This is for longtime viewers of Running Man. If you're new to the show, you'll have to watch the whole episode to get the context of some clips.
Ep. 5 - Jong Kook + Gary Hip Hop Lesson https://youtu.be/cS4mPONtbmQ
Ep. 12 - Tricking Song Joongki (From 23:13 to 24:12) https://www.myrunningman.com/ep/12
Ep. 14 - Kwangsoo Bullies Gary & Joongki https://youtu.be/mNc3oSaTGHM
Ep.138 - Eating Competition Parts 1 & 2 Part 1: https://youtu.be/F1uKpPJIIpk Part 2: https://youtu.be/idj0Vyja_tE
Ep. 143 - Kwangsoo's Iconic Egg Moment https://youtu.be/DTpRD166mJQ
Ep. 147 - Jong Kook vs. Kwangsoo and Ahjumma https://youtu.be/7X7nh8x0guA
Ep. 147 - Wet Towel + Betrayers Club https://youtu.be/_Gr47ODyr-4
Ep. 162 - Kpop Idol Dance Opening https://youtu.be/DE6M4rDKdGE
Ep. 167 - Haha vs. Jihyo Boxing Match https://youtu.be/8pgxtTMZVbk
Ep. 169 - Butterfly Lands on Kwangsoo https://youtu.be/ce9aQ8_OKIo
Ep. 175 - Yoo Jae Suk Loses His Shorts https://youtu.be/Jd8KKAoydpE
Ep. 177 - Cicada Rap https://youtu.be/xRlsE1FlEv4
Ep. 209 - Yoo Jaesuk's Mud Rage (From 5:00 - 8:16) https://youtu.be/irUkEy1apn8
Ep. 230 - Yoo Jae Suk Mic Slaps Kwang Soo https://youtu.be/3ITN0h3n1sQ
Ep. 413 - Haha Promoting Dang Diggi Bang (From 1:13:37 - 1:26:16) https://www.myrunningman.com/ep/413
Ep.421 - Kitchen Towel https://youtu.be/2lfWUkMOGPw
Ep. 516 - Kwangsoo's Saliva https://youtu.be/79AHXRMRaIg
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2020.09.22 07:34 larunex The Captain Diqhedd episode, transcribed.

This is a SleepyCast Lost episode: The Day We All Lost Our Virginity at the Same Time. Featuring: Psychicpebbles, JohnnyUtah, Spazkid, Oney, Stamper, Ricepirate, Nial, and introducing the newest member of the Sleepycabin, Steve... Blackface Steve. My name is Captain Diqhedd. When I was young, my father painted my little asshole pink to look like a pussy, so he wouldn't feel gay when he fucked me.
My name is Captain Diqhedd.
My name is Captain Diqhedd. Sometimes I wipe my buttcrack with cold raw bacon, so whenever I fart, packs of local dogs come and keep me company.
Where the fuck are these bozos? It's not like they're busy making cartoons for YouTube. I guess I'll wait for them to stop blowing each other. Wanna hear a great song? Guess what song this is. Do do do do do, do do do do do, do do do do do do do do do do do do. That was Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Okay? Sigh. What the fuck am I doing with my life? Sigh. How did I even get here? Sigh sigh sigh. Well, I guess this is as good a time as any to finally come clean and get the record straight. Woo woo woah woo wow woo!
The year was March 8th. I was born a little baby in the black heart of America to hard working French immigrants. My life was as normal as it gets. My father Walter was a French immigrant who worked full time on our farm tending to the cattle and horses and fucking the field mice. In 1951 all of that changed when my father was drafted to the Korean War. While my father was gone fighting those sneaky sneaky sneaky gooks, my mother was forced to raise me. I was a naughty little baba, and used to eat my own poopie to defy my mother, who was a good christian lady.
When my father left, I became very quiet and introverted. The only thing that ever made me laugh was when my mother would pull her Sunday pants down and make her vagina talk to me and tell me to eat my peas. It always made me laugh. Ah hah hah! My poor lonely mama started doubting whether or not my father would ever return from war at all, and started sniffing around for a brand new weiner. She started talking to Mr. Adams, the ugly ice cream man. His ice cream was always soggy.
After a trip to the beach, he really took a liking to me. Mr. Adams the ice cream man said he'd be my new daddy, and the only way for this to happen would be if we did the New Daddy Ceremony. I didn't know what this was all about, but it super sounded cool. He took me by the leg, and said "Are you ready, boy?" and I said "Yes I want you to be my new daddy, since my old daddy went into war and is fighting the bad guys." and he told me to shut my fucking mouth, and take a look at this. He pulled down his pants and showed me his big brown poo-poo stained butthole and said, "Are you ready for the New Daddy Ceremony?" and I said "I don't know if I want it now." and he said "What's wrong? Are you a chicken? Bawk bawk bawk! Fag! LMAO! Hah hah!" and I said "Okay... I will do it now. I am not a fag." and he said "Okay, all you have to do is let me fart in your mouth and I will be your new daddy."
I opened my little boy mouth and let the farts fill my mouth. He told me to be a good boy and swallow them all up. So I did like he said. Then I asked him, "Okay, are you my new daddy now?" and he laughed and said "No dude. It just means you're gay now. You ate my farts. That makes you a fag. L. M. A. O. Bye! Hah hah!" And then he ran into the woods. I never saw him again, and to this day I wonder if that ceremony was legit or not. Sigh...
Two years later in 1953, my father came back when the war wrapped up, but the man that returned was not the same man that left. He would often wake up in the middle of the night screaming and gasping for breath, and complaining about the smell of charred human remains. All of my teenage years, my father tried to make me into a real man, but constantly failed. One time he took me fishing, and he told me to put my dick in the fish's mouth. He said it would feel good, but the fish had teeth. It hurt so very much, and I cried. He laughed at me, and I had never felt so alone...
Nothing he tried would work. I remained a little bitch boy much to my father's disappointment. I was a lonely boy, probably because I often picked my ass in public. The only friend I had was Old Jimmy Schmidt. Jimmy and I had many mutual interests including baseball, and pissing in each other's mouths. Having a friend was nice, but life was still so pointless and full of pain. I had no purpose in life, and so I decided to do the one thing I thought would make my father proud; join the Vietnam War. Vietnam is what they say it is in the movies and such, I guess. It's a little more and a little less at the same time, somehow. I don't know if that makes any sense. It's just the way it is.
Most days early on, Jimmy and I just sat around playing cards and drinking beer. Occasionally we'd engage in some combat, and sometimes I'd do routine flying missions. As men started leaving or being killed, my flying missions became more regular, and I saw the action more and more. You ever see a Vietnamese man's intestines strewn out to spell the word "gook"? The cute little farm boy with rosy cheeks and a bowl cut never thought he'd see that either. The shit I saw there made me fucking sick. There were a couple times there where Jimmy had to leave from puking. I can't blame Jimmy, the guy had a good heart, but war gets the best of us.
They say the first casualty of war is innocence, but they are wrong. It's your soul. I never believed in God until I took another man's life, and in that moment, knew that I was going to hell. Oh God, the things we did... Whenever we captured ten or twenty of these gooks we'd fucking chuck them out of the helicopter and watched them splatter on the ground, and by the time we landed, we'd have only one or two left. Sometimes we'd get hot and heavy and get carried away and throw them all out. The trick was to throw them out before you have to count them, so the higher-ups didn't know many we killed. Even though everyone knew the higher-ups were doing much, much worse.
One time I'll never forget is in '68, we were told there was some Charlie in this school for children, so Jimmy and I checked it out. They told us to napalm it to get these fuckers out. I didn't buy it, and I don't think Jimmy did either, but orders are orders. Should I carry this out? Should I be a murderer, or did it matter? I've already murdered so many, so what would this make me if it were a mistake? A monster? Then so be it. Orders are orders. This is what we were trained to do. So without another word, I did it.
The school was ablaze, and sure enough, these kids come running out screaming. I remember one child ran up to me, looking me in the eyes as their skin melted off, and they screamed. I took a drag from my cigarette and tried to compose myself to the best of my ability. The child, maybe five or six, stopped screaming for a moment, looked me dead in the eyes and said something in Vietnamese. He said it again, and again, and again, and again, and again. The child grabbed my pants and the previously docile weak tone in his voice evolved into a panicked, scraming accusatory tone. I panicked and grabbed my pistol, put it to the child's head, closed my eyes and pulled the trigger.
It was the only way to make it stop. I knew what I had done and knew the only way I could live with myself was to give myself the same fate. I put the gun under my chin and took a final deep breath. Nothing. A click. I fell to the ground crying, and began slamming my fist into the wet mud until it bled. I couldn't sleep for a week. Every time I closed my eyes I saw the child and heard him screaming that single word. "Quái vật." "Quái vật." [translates to "Monster"]
Hey, maybe this isn't the best time, but check out what this voice box can do. [Little boy voice] Tee hee, I'm just a cute little baby boy, teehee, stop Captain Diqhedd, your pee is so cold, mama mama googoo gaga, mama mia, that's a spicy meatball! Lololol, isn't that fucked up dude? Okay, now where was I? Oh yeah, burning Vietnamese children.
I was too much of a coward to look up what that word meant and still haven't to this day. I was so psychologically fucked up by that point I was set to leave after one final mission. A simple transport flight with Jimmy and the boys. On the return for my last flight I heard the cracking of a machine gun, and the right side of me was blinded by a white flash, and I blacked out completely. When I came to, Jimmy and I were in a camp with a few other prisoners of war. I knew we were fucked and would probably die there. I tried to speak, but nothing came out.
Jimmy had tears in his eyes looking at me, and the full extent of the damages done to my body were clear. I lost of a good portion of my throat and part of my jaw in the explosion, but the Vietcong doctors had managed to stitch me up. How fucking grateful I was that they didn't let this god damn freakshow rot in the jungle. Jimmy and the other guys only sustained minor injuries like scrapes, bruises, and at most, a few broken bones. The Vietcong spent their days torturing us by showing us their dicks and saying they were bigger than ours, even though it wasn't true, and it was super frustrating.
Jimmy and I practiced Morse code when the Vietcong were invading the living hell out of us. We heard around camp that some of the other prisoners were being featured in Vietnamese propaganda that was being shown to the Americans. When the time came and the camera went on to all of us and I tried my best to spell out "torture" with Morse code, but instead I spelled "I fuck children" by accident. I was watching two rats fuck behind the cameraman, and it was making me horny.
One cold evening about a week later, they woke us all awake, screaming with their guns in our faces. They were frantically scrambling and all on their walkies. I assumed they figured out what I'd done with the Morse code. They grabbed me up and all pointed their guns at me and frankly, I was never more at peace. I waited for them to turn me into fucking swiss cheese, but Jimmy began screaming in Vietnamese at them. They both began to shout at one another, louder and louder until one of the men raised his gun in the air as Jimmy made eye contact with me. His eyes told me the entire story. He was sorry. He would miss me, and he loved his family.
A shot rang out. Another one. I was covered in Jimmy's brains. I couldn't feel any part of my body. I wasn't angry or sad or anything. I was nothing. They turned the gun and fired once into my abdoment and I immediately hit the ground. As the sweet embrace of death began to finger me, I was at peace. Bliss, even. I woke up in a military hospital in Saigon and was told my camp had been liberated and that I was completely paralyzed below the waist from the gunshot I took. They discharged me and I was on my way back home. On the bright side, maybe my father would finally be proud of me. I have been an honored Vietnam veteran.
Dead. Almost four months ago. They told me a heart attack, they thought. This news devastated me. Coupled with my new handicap, left me more mentally paralyzed than I had ever been physically. I tried working the occasional odd job, but always relapsed to drinking whiskey and fucking whores. After months of this dangerous cycle, I decided to get my first job at McDonalds. I had never been more excited and willing to start life anew. For the first time, I had true aspirations.
On the first day, I went in and was shown the entire place top to bottom. It was finally my chance to make something of myself. The first order came in, and I realized reaching the fries from my wheelchair was hard, and my arms could not reach above my shoulders due to the Vietnamese torture. I violently smacked the handle of the fryer, causing a pound of boiling grease to cover my face and hands, effectively melting my fucking skin off. I lost almost all of my five sense, and looked like a fucking potato. My hands and face were no longer recognizable or usable. I was essentially a human vegetable who had given up.
I was put in a nursing home where I spent many lost years listening to reruns or shitty soap operas. Minute after minute, the same routine. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year. Decade after decade. I could feel myself rotting. One day, something in me changed, and I knew I had to leave or die trying. I asked my nurse for some fresh air and she agreed. When I had the opportunity, I rolled over my nurse's foot, the only place in the area to escape to was the woods. So I went for it even though I think woods animals are fucking gay like owls.
I rolled for what seemed like days. I went over a bridge and passed a waterfall, beyond some thick woods where the path was lost, until I came upon a gay little cabin, where my wheelchair ran out of battery. I thought I was a goner until these cunts found me. They won't let me leave and force me to read lines for their shitty podcast. They only feed me baby carrots under the door and I just want a steak.
So that was my life. What the hell happened to me? I fought in Vietnam, god damn it. My name isn't even "Dickhead". It's D-I-Q-H-E-D-D. I used to know French and this stupid voice box only comes in hot little boy and American white man. Listen how dumb it sounds when I speak French. "Oui oui j'adore mettre des fermes dans mon cul et les regarder si edicha perla tourbillon qui est mon swamp ass". [Translates to "Yes yes I love putting bottles in my ass after watching Twister, which is my swamp ass"] See? I sound like a fucking retard. It sounds like a Harry Potter spell. Everything you know about me is a lie. I'm a miserable fraud who is too much of a coward to kill himself.
That's it, I can't take this shit anymore. Time to do something I should have done a long time ago. Fuck you, world. Allahu Akbar. [Gunshot]
God fucking damn it, I hit the radiator.
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2020.09.22 01:14 redkinoko A friend laughed at me because I like listening to praise songs even though I'm not religious. Like, bro, I see what you listen to on Spotify. There's no more God in my life than there is a 7days-a-week wet ass pussy in yours.

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2020.09.22 00:17 MacItaly Loss

Alright, here goes. I'm old. What that means is that I've survived (so far) and a lot of people I've known and loved did not. I've lost friends, best friends, acquaintances, co-workers, grandparents, mom, relatives, teachers, mentors, students, neighbors, and a host of other folks. I have no children, and I can't imagine the pain it must be to lose a child. But here's my two cents.
I wish I could say you get used to people dying. I never did. I don't want to. It tears a hole through me whenever somebody I love dies, no matter the circumstances. But I don't want it to "not matter". I don't want it to be something that just passes. My scars are a testament to the love and the relationship that I had for and with that person. And if the scar is deep, so was the love. So be it. Scars are a testament to life. Scars are a testament that I can love deeply and live deeply and be cut, or even gouged, and that I can heal and continue to live and continue to love. And the scar tissue is stronger than the original flesh ever was. Scars are a testament to life. Scars are only ugly to people who can't see.
As for grief, you'll find it comes in waves. When the ship is first wrecked, you're drowning, with wreckage all around you. Everything floating around you reminds you of the beauty and the magnificence of the ship that was, and is no more. And all you can do is float. You find some piece of the wreckage and you hang on for a while. Maybe it's some physical thing. Maybe it's a happy memory or a photograph. Maybe it's a person who is also floating. For a while, all you can do is float. Stay alive.
In the beginning, the waves are 100 feet tall and crash over you without mercy. They come 10 seconds apart and don't even give you time to catch your breath. All you can do is hang on and float. After a while, maybe weeks, maybe months, you'll find the waves are still 100 feet tall, but they come further apart. When they come, they still crash all over you and wipe you out. But in between, you can breathe, you can function. You never know what's going to trigger the grief. It might be a song, a picture, a street intersection, the smell of a cup of coffee. It can be just about anything...and the wave comes crashing. But in between waves, there is life.
Somewhere down the line, and it's different for everybody, you find that the waves are only 80 feet tall. Or 50 feet tall. And while they still come, they come further apart. You can see them coming. An anniversary, a birthday, or Christmas, or landing at O'Hare. You can see it coming, for the most part, and prepare yourself. And when it washes over you, you know that somehow you will, again, come out the other side. Soaking wet, sputtering, still hanging on to some tiny piece of the wreckage, but you'll come out. Take it from an old guy. The waves never stop coming, and somehow you don't really want them to. But you learn that you'll survive them. And other waves will come. And you'll survive them too. If you're lucky, you'll have lots of scars from lots of loves. And lots of shipwrecks.
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2020.09.21 23:25 dlschindler [HR] The Storm

"Row your boat. Row, row your...Boat down the stream." the children tried singing instead of primal noises of terror: shrieks and howls. Their words formed in the air like some kind of passive epitaph. A hollow memory of gentle sounds amid the tumultuous roar of the sea's raw fury.
"Keep singing!" Mike hollered over more resounding clapping in the bedlam of overhead thunder. He knew Death's drownings waited, the rowboat was half full of salty coldness already. All around them tall waves marched by, each more capable than the last of sinking them in a heartbeat. What was Death waiting on, the chorus?
"Lord!" Mike screamed in horror, although it was the only prayer he had ever said before. Was this true fear? Or was it a kind of faith?
The children were bailing the water with their tiny, cupped hands and the sea was mocking them by refilling it just as quickly as they could throw water.
They sang in rhythm with their bailing; song, prayer and splashing all one dedication.
Another blast of lightning crackled brightly without mercy and arched across the sky over them. Then another such bolt came back the same direction as if it had noticed them. Perhaps the wrath of the static was returning to finish off the survivors of the split and burning timber that had sank with little resemblance to a ship.
A third brilliance, much brighter and hotter than sunlight, lanced towards the little boat as if an aimed deathblow from the gods of the storm. It struck a buoy with nova violence and the metal peeled, glowed and ignited. The buoy was on fire, pointing the way to shore.
"Dear God and Jesus!" Mike heard his atheist voice swear in defiance of the miracle. He started rowing again, rowing with all his strength. Somehow the sinking boat started moving a little bit with each stroke, against resistant waves that rolled under the prow, conveying the vessel back out to sea as the man struggled.
It was a battle and the sea was winning, wave after wave. At best, Mike could keep the boat moving enough to almost stay in place, but the scorched buoy's glow was receding in the wrong direction. Doom grinned malevolently upon them.
The children were still singing something but he couldn't hear them anymore. The icy wind sliced into his ears and the salt cut his eyes. Mike just pulled and pulled until his left arm stopped responding. He gripped the oars and started yanking with his back until his spine felt like it would burst free of his ribs. His lungs wouldn't take the air he was gulping, still it was better than seawater.
"Merrily, merrily..." It was Ruth that was still singing.
"Row!" Mike ordered himself, almost a song, but more of a battle-cry.
Maybe there was no shore to row to. Surely there was no way to survive. The storm responded with a wave that threw the boat onto its side. Something dragged it backwards as the children and Mike fell out of it.
A monstrous wave had flung them and whatever they struck, be it the black embrace of the ocean's finest particles, or Death itself, could not in such a moment be realized. Their boat was taken far away and flung separately upon its own destruction.
Many pieces of the wreckage from the rowboat flew in every direction and plopped one by one into the bloodthirsty sea. There they bobbed and floated and drifted apart. Each fragment was a testimony, a syllable of courage and prayer sang without true fear. Instead the fear was temporal and wasted.
A kind of faith had done something else. With effort and focus: the bailing of the boat had been enough. Mike's efforts had been enough.
They all lay upon the freezing sands of a wet beach that was strewn with every manner of pulverized sea life and man-made debris. Four children were still breathing, although unconscious and shivering, their strong bodies endured in torpor. The man did not survive.
Moments after one of the children's eyes fluttered awake she saw him draw his final breath and sigh it back out with relief. It sounded like he said "Hallelujah".
The sun started to rise as the storm went to fresh new places to ravage with its awesome rage. An old man and his old wife arrived to comb the storm-decorated beach, as they always did this time of year and found all four of the survivors there.
They awoke in safety and warmth. The old couple adopted the four children, who remembered Mike and their doomed voyage to this world, as in a dream anyway. They were alive, their dreams living on, waking again and again from the dark turmoil.
Life is, after all, but a dream.
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2020.09.21 21:29 Konstantin-V The Origins of Stalinism: Politarism and the Russian Idea of the State

Introduction. Stalinism is not Marxism
Stalinism is sometimes cited as a form of Marxism either by right-wing critics -- who take advantage from Stalin's many crimes to claim that somehow this is what moderate social democrats want -- Stalinists themselves, who try to gain authority by referring to a great philosopher, and common people who believe either of them. However, I think that few Stalinist practices can be really seen as Marxist. First of all, Stalin declared in the 18th Congress (1939) that the State will still exist under communism if capitalist encirclement persists. This stood in direct contradiction with Marxist thought up to Lenin himself and the idea of the a state that "immediately begins to die away" and made him closer to the old state socialists like Lassalle and Bismarck. Stalin also was called Vozhd ("Leader") or even "Father", which was opposed to Marxism as directly as it contradicted the principle that "the emancipation of the working classes must be conquered by the working classes themselves" and even the popular proletarian song known as the Internationale (Eugène Pottier's version):
No saviour from on high delivers,
No faith have we in prince or peer.
Our own right hand the chains must shiver,
Chains of hatred, greed and fear.
Stalin was presented as this kind of "saviour from high delivers" or, even more accurately, as a Caesar or tribune from the French original. This is practically the essence of his cult of personality. Consequently, already in the 1930s Stalinism was what Hal Draper called "socialism from above": Stalin was one of those "Savior-Leaders of some kind... Shaw’s “Supermen,”... eugenic manipulators... Proudhon’s “anarchist” managers or Saint-Simon’s technocrats or their more modern equivalents" and a the creator of an all-powerful state.
But Stalinism went even further: after the bureaucratic takeover, socially conservative policies were enacted one after another. A Thermidor, as Trotsky called it, took place in relation to the family, the arts (after the end of avant-garde and the switch to classicism) and other spheres. An important part of it was that related to the army. In September 1935, civilized humanity, friends and enemies alike, learned with surprise that the Red Army would now be crowned with an officers’ hierarchy, beginning with lieutenant and ending with marshal, and in 1943, epaulettes from the old Imperial Army were reintroduced. This led to the rise of a specific army caste inside the bureaucracy, which then became a pillar of Stalinism. The last generation of these conservative officers were the veterans of the Afghan War, popularly known as афганцы, who supported the most hard-line Stalinist factions in 1990-91 and then became the backbone of many post-Soviet Russian movements both from the radical right and the "old left", i.e. the CPRF and related groups. But even this wasn't all of it: Stalinism adopted a form of Tsarist nationalism, allied with the Orthodox Church and engaged in imperialism. So, many concluded that by WWII the USSR was no longer a workers' state of any kind. From that time, though still very exciting, the history of the USSR no longer overlapped with that of Marxism. A new social order, variously called bureaucratic collectivism (Third Camp Trotskyists), super-statism (Alexander Tararsov) or politarism (Yuri Semenov), emerged as a form of oppression where, like in the Asiatic mode of production, a despotic clique controlled collectively a total State (hence, according to Yuri Semenov, they may be called "politarists", for they control the State as capitalists control the capital) and has everybody else as slaves. Max Weber made a good point about it in "The Agrarian Sociology of Ancient Civilisations" (1909):
Sometimes the fortress kingdom developed in a direction quite different from that just sketched. If the king gained sufficient economic resources to become master of his retinue and army to the extent that he could bind them to his own person, then he was able to take a step of fundamental importance: create a bureaucracy entirely subordinate to himself and organized on hierarchical principles. With the aid of such a bureaucracy the king could govern his subjects directly, and the city then became no more than the royal capital where he and his court resided.
Sometimes heavy taxes and labour services were imposed on subjects to such a degree as to lead to a form of complete ‘state socialism’, as in Egypt (page 52, my emphasis - K.V)
On a greater scale than a city-state, this could be a description of Stalinism. The hierarchical bureaucracy was obviously the nomenklatura, while the "king" was Stalin himself, except that after 1953 there was no veritable "king" in all of the Soviet bloc, as Khruschev, Brezhnev and all the others were just bureaucrats who attained a higher position, but lacked Stalin's charisma. Everybody else was practically a slave, as the State was all-embracing and there was very little room for any activity outside it. The most important example was that of the peasants: in the kolkhozy or collective farms the peasants were practically serfs, fully in control of the director, who held their pasports and thus didn't allow them to travel. GULAG prisoners, on the other hand, where openly enslaved and their labor also was often used, as in the construction of the Moscow Canal during the 1930s. Here we may speak of nothing but of a new form of oppression, which Max Shachtman called "the new barbarism". However, as we have seen, is not that new. Stalinism somehow managed to return to the old Asiatic mode of production, but made an industrial version of it, all this under "the banner of Marx-Engels-Lenin".
But why? What led to such a deep revision? We will see.
Stalinism's historical precedents
The USSR during Stalinism (which, despite being commonly defined like that, didn't end in 1953 with Stalin's death nor in 1956 with the Secret Speech, but in 1991, at most in 1985, as before that its social structure barely changed, except that now the bureaucrats didn't have a charismatic leader as such) is commonly defined as an ideocracy, that is, a state where the official ideology is all-embracing and very influential. If not Marxism, what was its real ideology that influenced policy making? We may try to understand this if we search for precedents of Stalinism in the past, that is, possible sources of inspiration or thinkers that foresaw a Stalinist society without Marxist camouflage.
The first thing that comes to mind are nineteenth century state socialists -- Saint-Simon, Blanc, Rodbertus and Lassalle -- for that term is used both by the Western political science and by some Marxist critics like Tamás Krausz to refer to Stalinism. However, most of them aren't even near. Saint-Simon opposed the modern bureaucratic state and Blanc was just what today would be called a social democrat, that is, a reformist. While Rodbertus and Lassalle are closer, as they were social conservatives and nationalists, there is no evidence that they had some impact on Stalin himself, apart from that, unlike Stalinists, they were reformists as well. In fact, though Lassalle was moderately revered as one of the forefathers of socialism in the early years of the USSR, the stabilisation of Stalinist bureaucracy coincided with erasing Lassalle's name from most streets and other commemorations.
The great Russian economist Mikhail Tugan-Baranovsky studied socialism and communism in his book "Социализм как Положительное Учение" ("Socialism as a Positive Teaching", 1918) and, unlike Marx, reached the conclusion that communism can exist with a State, including an authoritarian one. This could be some sort of gift for liberal and libertarian critics who love to say that in the USSR we had "communism", but it's not that easy. According to him, the difference between socialism and communism is that
Among the various socialist systems, in the broad sense of the word, it is easy to distinguish two basic types. Some systems regulate in one way or another the income of individuals, i.e. the total amount of value that a person can have for his consumption is set; according to other systems the income of individuals is not regulated at all, and even the very concept of income as a certain amount of value is eliminated, but consumption is regulated directly or consumption is recognized as completely free.
In type 1 systems, the public economy is the monetary economy, while in type 2 systems it is a subsistence economy.
This difference is deep and fundamental, and it is to this distinction that the division of socialism and communism should be tied. Where there is a category of personal income, there we deal with the socialist system; where there is no such category, there is communism. (page 19)
Étienne Cabet's Icaria, Thomas More's Utopia and Plato's Republic are all later presented as examples of "state communist" systems, of course, in theory only. However, we also cannot claim either than Stalin was a committed Icarian or that the USSR was anything remotely close to a subsistence economy, as the ruble remained the currency in it throughout all its history.
Another example is mentioned in Édouard Berth's Les Nouveaux Aspects du Socialisme (1911), where he explains his theory of Sorelian syndicalism and contrasts it to two movements: Guesdism and anarchism. So, this "Guesdism", named after French socialist Jules Guesde, is seen as a generic form of party socialism, as opposed to both syndicalism and anarchism, and it is described as something very similar to Stalinism:
We will see that it is so true that Guesdism is this supreme exaltation of the centralized modern State, to which it would simply like to give a working-class content, that it has never been able to see in the syndicate anything other than a kind of return to the corporative particularism of the Old Regime, and that it has remained, like the revolutionaries of 1792, deeply patriotic. (page 11)
However, as in the case of the state socialists, there are no reasons to suppose that Stalin really took inspiration from Guesde, apart from that he was a Marxist and a part of this description may be an exaggeration by Berth. Therefore, one may say that Stalinism had no ideological precedents as such, only possible comparisons.
Stalinism is, rather, best seen as a crypto-ideology. It is talked about crypto-fascism, that is, when somebody espouses fascist views, but doesn't share them in public life. Sometimes these crypto-fascists call themselves something else or join more moderate, usually conservative parties. So, Stalinism can only be crypto-Stalinist, as no self-declared "Stalinist Party" exist anywhere in the world, except various marginal groups in Russia and some Nazbol, most likely ironic accounts in social media. There also was never a "Stalinist Manifesto", as Stalinism is never found independently, but always acts as a sort of "parasite" on Marxism. As Yuri Semenov wrote, the politarists, as any other ruling class, require an ideology, but is unique in that it doesn't have its own, but adopts one foreign and opposed to all the principles according to which it really works, that is, Marxism.
However, Stalinism did have one precedent: Tsarism. Many pointed that Tsarist autocracy was a possible influence for the development of Stalinist totalitarianism, which is indeed a plausible version. Denzil Dean Harper, whose work on Stalinist nationalism I cited above, explains this well in the field of ideology, while Trotsky mentions "the social interest of the ruling stratum in the deepening of bourgeois law" in his great book (Chapter 7, 1) and, in another place, he writes that "the Soviet bureaucracy takes on bourgeois customs" (Chapter 9, 2). This reflects that the bureaucracy started to reproduce some social forms of the Tsarist times, especially of its last days, while then, as we can conclude from "The Nationalist Degeneration of Stalinism", this reaction went even further to the past. I see this as effects of the influence of the Russian idea of the State. Before I explain it in more detail, I should make two digressions to clarify some philosophical prnciples.
History is moved by ideas
The great question of idealism vs materialism was first asked at the dawn of philosophy. It can be summed up as the question of what determines what: consciousness determines being or vice versa? The first opinion is called idealism, while its opposite is materialism. Marxism is itself a materialist worldview, which tends to relate idealism to political reaction and to contend it. Georgi Plekhanov was one of the most vigorous critics of idealism in the field of the philosophy of history, who pointed to this contradiction in idealist thought in his "On the Alleged Crisis in Marxism":
This idealistic interpretation of history is, with few exceptions, peculiar to all philosophers of the eighteenth century, even to the materialists.
The weak point, the heel of Achilles, of this understanding of history will easily be seen. I shall describe it in a few words.
Were one to ask an eighteenth-century writer, say Cellier, how man’s ideas take shape, he would reply that they are a product of the social environment. But what is a social environment? It is the totality of those very social relations which, Cellier Dufayel himself asserts, originate in human thought.
Hence we have before us the following antinomy:
1. The social environment is a product of thought;
2. Thought is a product of the social environment.
As long as we are unable to escape from this contradiction, we shall understand nothing either in the history of ideas or in the history of social forms
I am myself an idealist in the philosophy of history, as I see man as a being possessing reason and thus able to create. Man is one of the two only beings capable of creativity, together with God Himself, Who is the first and greatest Creator and the One Who made man in His image and gave him this gift of creativity. An idea may possess a mind fully, making that human being sacrifice all of his interests for it. A good proof are the ancient martyrs, who died not for the interests of thic or that class, but to the glory of God. Some ideas may have an enormous influence on the course of history, as they move the armies that fight the great wars and the statesmen who lead the putsches and carry out reforms. Those who bear these ideas are termed great men, but they, though they have free will as all other men, are always used by God for something. (See my explanation of this philosophy here and here).
So, how will I respond to Plekhanov's criticism? Well, first of all, men's ideas aren't a product only of the social enviroment, but of nature as well. We all have noted that rain and generally wet and dismal weather can give us some sense of grief or melancholy and that in darkness we may imagine strange figures of ugly beasts. This conditions will have a bigger effect on a person living in this conditions for decades, not to say on an entire people inhabiting a specific region for many generations. Therefore, an idea (even though some ideas don't have a human origin at all, like morality, which was given to God by Moses in Mount Synai) could be born in specific conditions, but later become independent from them. An example from this is exactly the Russian idea of the State.
The State is the embodiment of the community and an ethical idea
As every culture has its distinctive language, clothing, food, customs and so on, so every nation or cultural region has its idea of the State. Though the idea of the State as a general concept was first formulated in Germany (with Werner Sombart as one of its most brilliant defenders in relatively recent times), Russia, as a great power, can't lack its own idea of the State. It was variously described throughout history, but the sociologist Pitirim Sorokin, in my opinion, outlined a particularly accurate view of it:
If throughout our history we have been a militaristic people, then we should have been, and in fact were, a society with a strong military-socialist character. Military socialism has entered, so to speak, the "flesh and blood" of our people. The level of this socialism has been very high for the last two centuries. Absolutism, despotism and centralization of the old regime are the first evidence of the significant approximation of our society to the military-socialist type; the lack of rights, freedom and autonomy of the individual under the old regime is another evidence of this; the weak development of individualism, personal preoccupation, herding of the population, its habit of obedience is the third evidence. Throughout our history, especially under Peter [I the Great, Tsar of Russia between 1682 and 1725 - K.V*] and after him, we have trained ourselves in the direction of military socialism. The war that broke out in the face of our people has found perfectly prepared ground for magnificent cultivation of their usual brainchild - military socialism*. ("Влияние войны на состав населения, его свойства и общественную организацию" ("The Influence of War on the Population Structure, its Characteristics and Social Organisation", 1922), Chapter 3)
Military socialism is defined by Sorokin as economic centralisation without social equality. He connects this form of social organisation to the form of "state socialism" practiced by all the major powers during WWI, which was also an interest of Werner Sombart and Oswald Spengler, who, together with Arthur Moeller van den Bruck and others, saw in it the German idea of the State. His only error was that he considered Peter I to be the one who introduced the Russian idea of the State, as it was much better seen in Ivan IV the Terrible (ruled 1533-1584), whose brutality and autocratic tendencies are well known. As some sort of proto-fascist, he surrounded himself with a military-religious order or personal guard called the Oprichniki, which became the prototype for the many Russian state organisations that played the role of a political police, from the Imperial Okhrana to the Soviet KGB.
But from where did he take this idea of the State? There are two suppositions. According to the first, the Russian (at that time, the Muscovite, as Novgorod was an aristocratic merchant republic) idea of the State came from the Mongol Empire through the Golden Horde. In Russia there's an entire movement, called "Eurasianism", whose main idea is precisely this view of Mongol influence. It is also shared by some detractors, among them the Polish ethnologist Franciszek Henryk Duchiński, who considered that the autocratic form of government is unnatural for Aryans (Indo-Europeans) and thus must have come from Asia. However, there's a contradiction here: the Mongol Empire was, of course, far away from all the ideals of modern democracy and rule of law, yet, unlike Russia, it was very decentralised, as any nomadic empire. A better candidate would be the Byzantine Empire, which had undeniable influence on Russian lands in the Middle Ages, to the point that Ivan IV proclaimed himself a Tsar in 1547, following Byzantine ideas of an Orthodox Christian absolute monarchy. Byzantium was the most authoritarian and centralised state at its time, as virtually the rest of Europe sank into feudalism and disunity, forgetting the Roman idea of the State. Only Byzantium could retain it, together with the concept of a Christian universal monarchy, and later transferred both things to Russia. Its dangerous position surrounded by enemies led to wars, which gave it the social characteristics explained by Sorokin. Thus, that idea of the State was fastly adopted and contributed to the development of a united Russian nation.
In conclusion, though national ideas of the State do change, Russia is still holding to it after more than five hundred years. Now we will see its relation to Stalinism.
The true ideology of Stalinism
We have seen that there exist some immaterial ideas which influence the course of history and that one of these ideas is that of the State, which every big nation or group of peoples views differently. So, in the case of Russia, the idea of the State can be compared to a sponge: it was completely shattered and torn to pieces, yet it returned to its previous form after a time. It can also be compared to the alien entity from the great Lovecraft short story "The Colour Out of Space", which transformed everything on Earth to make it look like it is in its home world, as it slowly turned the bureaucracy into something more and more similar to some parts of Russian Imperial society. Here we have a proof that there are immaterial ideas that affect history, as this Russian idea of the State was reborn various times with different social structures: in late feudalism with Ivan IV, in various stages of early capitalism during Imperial times, in politarism under Stalin and in late capitalism now. The Russian State was always authoritarian, its leaders were always strongmen, if not dictators, and it always controlled a large percentage of the economy (except during Yeltsin's era, of course). This was Stalinism's main source of inspiration and its only ideology.
Edit: deleted a phrase for the purpose of clarity
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2020.09.21 19:33 intermediatecreature Boundaries are an important part of a healthy relationship. ALL I asked was that he follow a few simple rules...

  1. Do NOT interfere with my nightly skincare routine.
  2. NO karaoke!!
  3. Absolutely NEVER use water-based lube.
  4. Don’t give me a hard time about food.
  5. Stay in my sisters good graces. It’s very important that they tolerate you.
  6. Never spend time alone with ANY of my sisters. If they reach out to you individually, IGNORE IT.
  7. No humming.
The bartender shook his head and slid the list back to me.
“Those seem awfully strict, don’t you think? And what's the deal with your sisters? They man-eaters or something?”. I could have gone into it, but that was when Gustav showed up, and slid an arm around my waist, kissing the top of my head. I lost interest in correcting the bartender.
Like I said, it was a pretty simple list of rules, and healthy boundaries are an important part of any relationship.
Gustav was so dreamy, with dark hair, and glittering green eyes, deep as the ocean, and a voice like the deep, calming thrum of a whale. He said he’d follow the rules, but that he might need a few reminders, and I believed him. I knew he meant it.
We went back to his place from the bar, and he went to pick a movie while I went to do my skin. I was soaking in the bath, and rubbing cream onto my arms when he knocked on the door. I almost didn’t hear him at first, and I splashed in panic as I saw the knob turn.
“I’m almost done!”, I called. It was a lie. I totally wasn’t. At least I’d locked the door.
“Okay. I got our movie, babe!”, he called, and I heard him rattling around in the kitchen.
I swear it must have been less than two minutes later when he came back again knocking, asking when I was going to be done. I rolled my eyes. I hadn’t even started draining the bath yet.
“Are you… taking a bath? What the fuck, Cali?”, his tone was purely bewildered. I sighed. I didn’t really feel like explaining myself, especially not this early on in the relationship.
“Rule number one!”, I called out, reaching for my comb. I heard the rustle of paper as he stomped away.
I was just squeezing out my hair when he was back again.
KNOCK! KNOCK! “So, what is this skincare routine anyway?”
I sighed. I didn’t really want to deal with the questions, so I dried off and ignored the prickling feeling of discomfort as I tossed my lotion in my bag and went to join Gustav.

Gustavo was a vegan, which was fine, I didn’t hold it against him. Unfortunately, it meant that he didn’t have anything edible at his place when I’d hang out there.
A few night after he set a precedent of hurrying me along in the bathroom, I was lounging on his couch, waiting for him to finish up a graphic design project, and my stomach was grumbling.
I looked in his fridge. Vegan cheese, vegan sausages, a bunch of vegan condiments, an odd array of vegetables, half of a cake that must have been vegan as well, and something green and fuzzy in a Tupperware container. Nothing quick and tasty, and the chemicals in processed food made my stomach turn. I made a face and called out to him.
“Gustav, you got any real snacks?”, he turned back from his computer to look at me, and his brow furrowed.
“Hmm… You might like the leftover mac n’ ‘cheeze’ I made”, he suggested, putting air quotes around the word ’cheese’. I frowned.
“I didn’t see any macaroni and…”, I trailed off as my eyes landed on the Tupperware contained. My stomach lurched.
“No thanks, I’ll leave that for you, babe”
I grabbed my coat. “Be right back”. Gustav’s eyes hardly left his laptop.
I felt a little dizzy as I walked a few blocks over to my favorite food spot. It was a warn summer day, but I felt chilled goosebumps popping up on my arms. I shook my head. A snack would get me feeling better.
I was almost done with my fish when I got back to his place, and when I got back, he was done working. I licked my fingers, and Gustavo made a face.
“What are you eating?!”, he looked appalled. I licked my fingers.
"It's a fish. C'mon man, you said you weren't one of those militant vegans", I scoffed as I took another bite. A little bit dripped on the floor, and Gustav looked unnecessarily repulsed, his eyes following the red drips on his floor. I sighed and dropped down to clean it up with a napkin.
I thought him going in after me with Clorox was kind of rude and uncalled for, and we had a stupid argument. I hated how he twisted the whole thing.
"Look, Gustav, I respect your food preferences, and I clearly specified rule number 4"
"Babe, I didn't say... Look, I didn't say anything, okay?!"
"The look on your face was enough! I mean, come on dude, it's fine if you think eating meat or fish is gross, but you looking at me like that is just as bad as if you were saying it out loud!"
"No, babe, it's not even that, it's just like... that can't be hygienic, okay?! And I don't want it dripping on my floor!"
"Dude why are you being such a dick about it? Gee whiz, look, I even ate most of it before I got here!", I popped the last piece of fish in my mouth, and Gustav followed my movement, and looked as though he was about to vomit.
"You're eating that part too?!"
"Oh my god! FINE I won't eat around you anymore. What the hell is your problem?! Even without rule number four, it's still a dick move to give people a hard time about what they eat!", I shouted. At that point, Gustav just got defensive, and then angry that I'd lost my temper and shouted, and it devolved into a whole thing.
And of course he still wanted to interrupt my bath for make-up sex. I sighed. One of these nights, maybe, finally, I'd finish my damn skincare routine in one piece.
I tried not to yawn as we got in bed. We started to kiss, and Gustav pulled away slightly.
"Babe, you... your breath still kind of smells like fish, could you pop a tic-tac or something?". I could tell he was trying really hard to be polite, probably because he really wanted to get laid, and I was once again annoyed. I pulled away.
"Gustav, you can shut the hell up about-", he interrupted me by pulling me close, and running his hands all over me, sending warm shivers through my body. The attraction I'd felt to him in the beginning flooded back into my mind, and our fight melted away. It was such a silly thing to dispute anyway, it shouldn't be too big of a deal for me to just eat before or after we hung out-
I felt something cold and wet between my legs. My eyes widened. I shrieked and pulled back. Stupid, stupid, STUPID! I'd assumed he would follow Rule #3.
"Cali, what's wrong?!"
"What sort of lube is that?!", I felt my legs starting to stiffen, and I already knew the answer, even before he turned his phone light on the label, confirming that it was, indeed water based.
My throat seemed to tighten, and the room spun around me. I started to hyperventilate, and Gustav looked both scared, and apologetic, as he frantically blubbered about how he'd forgotten, and it was all he had, and he didn't think it was a big deal, it wasn't a lot, and he'd just forgotten and needed another reminder. I frantically rolled off the bed. Gustav reached for the light switch.
"No!", I shrieked, clumsily tumbling out the door and towards the bathroom. It took Gustav a few moments to find his pants, and follow me, but thankfully, by that time, I was already running a bath.
He knocked on the door. "Cali? What's wrong? C'mon, talk to me"
Dark clouds began spotting my vision. My throat constricted, and the sides of my neck burned. I felt like I couldn't breathe. Why, why wouldn't the tub fill faster?! I used my last bit of energy, as I reached for my bag, and flopped into the tub weakly, to choke out an answer.
"Rule number three!"
A few days later, we were going out to a bar to meet my sisters. They were nosy to an extreme, but of course, we were always curious whenever anyone brought a new partner home. It was stressful, hence rules five and six. Because we were all so close, of course they were nosy, and protective, and of course, the occasional bit of greed and jealousy. I couldn't avoid it completely, and of course, I wanted to support my sisters when they needed advice in their relationships, but they weren't all as careful as I was, and I didn't want to get sucked too deep into that rabbit hole of drama anyways. Of course he needed to meet my family, but also, I held them at arms length to a degree myself.
Ari, Jules, and Lysi were waiting for us at the bar. It was my favorite one, with a lovely view on a beach, right on a boardwalk and pier. If you sat outside, the crash of the waves, and sound of the seagulls on a warm summer night was almost musical.
Of course, I reminded Gustav of rules five and six. I felt a little dizzy as Ari hugged me. I had been eating mostly veggies since I'd been hanging out with Gustav, and I hadn't completed my entire skincare routine in at least a week without being rushed or interrupted. She whispered in my ear.
"Your skin seems a little... dry", her comment wasn't cruel, though I of course felt a shudder of embarrassment. "Are you okay?", her sea-blue eyes sparkled with concern, and of course I couldn't be angry at her. She tossed her fiery red hair over her shoulder, and eyed Gustav. I nodded quickly. I didn't want her to get the wrong idea.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Just lots of work and stuff", I yawned, and my eyes widened. Jules was hugging Gustav for what seemed just a touch too long.
Jules wasn't the careful in love type at all. She was bringing home new boy toys every week. I knew she didn't want to steal anyone's partner on purpose, and honestly, that's not even how I really see it. You can't steal a person. A while back, an ex of mine had fallen under Jules's spell. The way I saw it, it was on him to honor his commitment to me and not try to fuck my sister, even if he thought she was hot. If he really thought he was in love with my sister, why should I try to force him to stick around with me? Why should I want someone who didn't want me anymore? If he had tried to hook up with Jules behind my back, we both would have been furious. As it was, he had the decency to break up with me first. He thought he was in love with Jules. She was just down to hook up with him, while still seeing other people. In the end, he got his heart broken too. Karma.
Under normal circumstances, it would have been one thing, but Jules wasn't quite normal. She had an almost hypnotic sort of magnetism about her all the time. The way she smiled, the way she laughed, the way her dark hair rippled down her back like a rough sea, the way her eyes lit up, brighter than any lighthouse when she spoke, the energy she had. Even I knew that she could sometimes suck people in without meaning to.
I tugged him away to introduce him to Lysi, the youngest, and only blonde, with sandy ringlets, and eyes the color of beach glass, and a laugh like gentle waves. She smiled at him, and giggled when he kissed her hand like a gentleman. Jules whispered in my ear.
"He's a real cutie, Cali...", I glared at her.
"Don't even think about it". She held her hands up.
Gustav went to get us drinks, and my sisters flocked around me with questions. I felt the room seem to spin. It was a little overwhelming. I held my hands up.
"Whoa, slow down guys...", the room started to pitch and yaw like the deck of a ship in a rough storm. "I just... Let me sit down first."
THUD. I sat, hard. "Ouch... I'm fine, um... we met...", I trailed off as the room seemed to come back into focus. Lysi, Ari, and Jules were looking down at me in concern. I'd sat on the floor instead of a chair without realizing. Oops.
Lysi helped me up, and Ari muttered something to Jules that I couldn't quite make out. "You want some snacks?", Lysi opened up her purse, and offered me a bag of dried calamari. "He seems a little old for you", she muttered, but I ignored that comment.
"Ooh, yum, thanks!", I munched away. A piece of squid fell onto my leg, and I brushed it away, only to gasp in horror.
It wasn't a piece of squid that had landed on my leg. It was a clump of my own hair. A cold shudder ran down my spine. I felt eyes on the back of my neck, and I brushed the clump of hair onto the floor. Gustav came back with drinks.
I sipped mine slowly, not really following the conversation. I was pretty tired, and had been feeling all out of sorts lately. I was glad my sisters liked Gustav though. They all seemed to be getting along pretty well. And seeing Gustav with my sisters, it honestly was making me fall for him all over again. He had such a vibrant passion, and energy. Even if it was about things different than mine. He talked about being vegan, about his graphic design work, and told stories, the same stories that had made me laugh so hard when I'd first met him.
The only hiccup was midway through the night, turned out that this bar had rotating events each week, and this week's event was one on my list.
"Hey, that looks like fun-you guys up for karaoke?!", Gustav asked, grinning at us as he pointed at the bouncer setting up a microphone in one corner. He was met with icy glares from Ari, Jules, Lysi and I.
I hadn't let anyone out of my sight at the bar, so I could make sure none of my sisters had offered Gustav their numbers, or gotten his. However, a few days later, Gustav started acting a little strange.
Gustav was already fairly private, and liked to get his way, and I liked to think that I wasn't the nosy type. I mean, surely a good relationship should be based on trust, right? I just didn't quite trust my sisters. I knew they loved me and wouldn't want to hurt me, but they were drama queens, and always nosing around in my business. They were quick to anger, judge, and meddle, and I just didn't need that high school level bullshit in my life.
I didn't really think any of them would seriously try to fuck Gustav, but I didn't want him getting too friendly with them, and getting sucked up into some stupid drama that would be completely unnecessary. Knowing my sisters, the outcome of that could only resemble one of two things... The plot of of one of the rom-coms they were so fond of, OR the plot of the scary nosleep stories that I read instead.
Gustav was already a master of turning any scenario in his favor, a la the stupid fish argument, where he'd of course managed to play it off like he was the victim. When he started acting a little distant, and giggling over text messages that he was so careful not to let me see, I felt like I was the crazy one for even being suspicious in the first place.
"I'm just saying, you've been acting so...distant lately, and those texts-"
"What, you want every single little detail of my life now, Cali? Should I call you and tell you when I get up in the morning, and what I eat for breakfast every day too? Jesus, do I read your texts? I mean, half your friends are into you and I don't even say anything!"
I gave it up after a while of that sort of back and forth. I knew I'd have to do my own sleuthing. That night, Gustav told me he had a client meeting, but I was a little suspicious. I texted his business partner, Josh.
Hey, how's the client meeting going? I think Gustav forgot his phone at my place, but if you shoot me the address I can drop it off for him.
It was a flat-out lie, but it was the best thing I could come up with at the last second. My heart pounded, and my lotion seemed to prickle on my skin as I crossed my fingers that Josh would text me back saying I'd made a mistake, that Gustav had his phone, which would at least tell me that they were at a meeting, or at least together, and Gustav wasn't off with Jules.
BZZT! Josh replied. I opened it, and my stomach dropped.
Ouch, sux for him. No meeting 2day tho, you must have gotten the dates wrong, idk where he's at, sorry.
Shit. I couldn't ignore it anymore anyways. I should just confront her. With trembling fingers, I dialed Jules' number.
"Hey, are you...", I trailed off. I didn't want to sound too accusatory right away.
"You're not with Gustav, by any chance, are you?", I asked, screwing my eyes shut, knowing she'd be hurt at the suggestion.
"No! Of course not!", I can almost see her eyes filling with hurt, and I feel guilty.
"No, hey, Jules, I... I'm sorry, I know. I know you wouldn't do that on purpose, just... It's not you, it's not. He's just been acting so strange lately, and tonight he lied to me about where he was, and I just... I don't know what's going on"
"Hey, why don't you meet me at that bar, and we can talk?", she suggested. "We'll figure it out. I'm here for you"
It wasn't too busy that night, and I sat down, ordering a Diet Coke as I waited for Jules. The bartender smiled at me.
"How'd it work out with that list?", he asked, sliding a purple cocktail umbrella into my soda with a smile as he slid it over to me. I raised an eyebrow. I recognized him from a while back, when I'd first been here with Gustav. I took a sip of Diet Coke and sighed. What the hell?
"Not so well, honestly. I mean, he doesn't seem to take any of them seriously. I know they seem strange, but every healthy relationship has boundaries", I shook my head.
The bartender nodded, shrugging.
"That's true. I mean, you have to feel like your boundaries are being respected, like your needs are being met. Do you think maybe he just doesn't understand them?"
I pondered. "Maybe... But then there's also that part of me that's wondering if it's worth it, you know? Like, if he doesn't respect me enough to follow them, I mean, I told him I have a unique situation..."
I trailed off as I saw a flash of blond hair.
My jaw dropped. "Lysi?!"
She didn't hear me. She was on the other side of the room, standing in the doorway, talking to... My heart pounded, and I felt sick. The bar seemed to spin around me, and the bartender looked at me in concern.
Lysi was talking to Gustav. Lysi. But...she'd said she thought he was too old for me. And she was younger, what could she possibly want with him... I should've known. Shit.
Immediately, I hurried towards them. Gustavo didn't notice me, he was too hung up on Lysi's every word, and she wasn't even talking, no, she seemed to be... humming. Oh no. I knew what that meant... My entire body pounded in terrified energy. It wasn't even jealousy, Gustav was in grave danger.
Lysi turned her head, and her lips twisted into a terrifying smile as she saw me, and tugged Gustav out the door, towards the boardwalk. I was so panicked I stumbled, almost knocking over a waiter. A few customers gave me dirty looks.
"No running! Hey! YOU! STOP!", the bouncer noticed me, and my heart thudded in my chest as I ran. I was almost out the door when someone grabbed my arm.
I shrieked and tried to jump away before I realized it was Jules. I threw my arms around her, heart still pounding, but feeling slightly calmer just because she was there.
"Oh my god, you... Lysi, Gustav, he's... she's here... I don't... please... hurt ...don't hurt him!", I blubbered. Jules patted my back, somehow calm and cool, even as I spoke almost incoherently and pulled her out the door. The air felt eerie, oddly still, but an almost deafening, musical silence, the sort usually reserved for horror movies. I hardly registered it, feeling only my own fear and determination.
About twenty yards ahead of us, heading towards the pier, were Lysi and Gustav. I pointed frantically. Jules turned to look. That was when the creeping, eerie stillness seemed to swell into something almost musical. I froze dead in my tracks.
"Lysi, no, stop!", I tried to choke out. Why, why was she doing this? "Please, I know she doesn't like him, but we have to stop her!". There was an odd splashing sound under the pier, even though it was a calm night.
I made it to the end of the pier, Gustav and Lysi were only about ten feet in front of me now. I stopped, gasping for breath, and when I looked back, something was silhouetted in the moonlight at the very end of the pier. I froze, feeling ice water creeping through my bones.
The moonlight glinted on shiny scales, on smooth, pearly skin, with droplets of water running down it, on the curved tail, with translucent fins, and the fiery red hair... Ari.
No. She was in on it too?! What was going on? As I watched, Ari opened her mouth, and the haunting tune turned into a wordless but hypnotic song that poured out of her mouth, and seemed to soak through the air around us. As a siren myself, it didn't have nearly the same effect, but Ari's voice was powerful enough that even I had to take a second to snap myself out of it at first.
Gustav, however, was almost drooling. Now completely ignoring Lysi next to him, his normally intelligent eyes were now glazed over, and he walked like a zombie, blindly, towards the end of the pier.
"No! Stop! Why...", my words seemed to fall off into nothing in the face of Ari's hypnotic song. Why was she doing this? How could she and Lysi do this to me?!
"Jules, what's going on? We have to stop them!", I shouted. That was when I felt Jules' nails digging into my arm, and she smiled at me, her kind face now seeming sinister.
She leaned forward, and her eyes sparkled. I tried to pull away, but she was simply too overpowering, and I felt like a deer in headlights in her gaze.
"He's not good enough for you"
"It's none of your business!", I tried to splutter. Jules forced me back, away from the pier. I felt like I was struggling through honey.
"Look at yourself!", she hissed, and I felt the soft sand of the beach under my shoes. "You can't even stand up to me. You're better than this, Calypso! Your skin is dry, your hair is falling out, you're weak... All because you're letting a human who doesn't even care about yours' needs come first!". She pushed me back, and I stumbled over a rock.
SMOOF! It didn't hurt when I felt in the sand dune, but it made an odd sort of sound. I knew she was right, but I wasn't the type to go down without a fight.
"You crazy fish brains never even thought to TALK to me about it first?!", I snapped. "You're watching too many human movies. The things people do in those are NOT how healthy, rational Mer and non-people act!"
Jules huffed and crossed her arms, then leaned in, until her face was inches from mine. I shuddered as her eyes glared daggers at me, and I felt myself pressing further into the sand dune.
"Fine", she tilted her head, and raised a hand, as though about to snap her fingers. The faint webbing between her fingers glimmered in the moonlight. "You think he's so great? You'll break up with him yourself? Say the word and we'll stop."
I tried to raise my hands weakly to push myself up, and winced in pain. Without the usual bath time and lotion, the webbing between my fingers was dry, and between two, it had started to crack and bleed. Jules glanced down at my hands and shook her head.
"Not that you'd break up with him the normal way no matter what. Say what you will about me, but at least I never let a human stomp all over my boundaries like that", she shook her head. Her words stung, and my head spun. The beach seemed to ripple and sway, and my legs felt like mush. She leaned in for one more blow, and her bracelets jingled. Ari's beautiful song swelled in the background.
"And he totally asked for my number". Something inside me splintered and cracked, much like the webbing between my left pinkie and ring finger. Arguing was exhausting anyways, I just wanted to take a nap. I could feel my eyes starting to close.
I yawned and shut my eyes. Jules smile spread into a grin, and she leaned forward, wrapping her kelp shawl around my shoulders. "It's okay, Cali. We'll take care of it. You know your sisters would never let anything happen to you. You'll feel better if you just take a nap...", she blew some sea dust in my face, and as I fell asleep, the last thing I remembered was Ari's song coming to an end, and a massive splash, as something fell into the water off the end of the pier.
"Hello? Are you okay?", the bartender looked concerned. Seagulls cawed in the distance, and I blinked as sunlight streamed into my eyes, and water tickled at my toes. My throat was dry as sand. The bartender held out a hand and helped pull me out of the sand dune. The entrance to the bar was about ten feet away, and the neon CLOSED sign gleamed in the morning sun. He helped me to my feet.
"Yeah, I just... Um... I took a nap on the beach last night, and I guess I overslept!", I tried to laugh it off, and the bartender chuckled. Jules' shawl was gone, and I somehow felt much stronger, and more energetic. I noticed a bandage on my hand, where my fingers had bled last night.
The bartender smiled at me almost shyly as he helped me up the rocks to the parking lot. He really was kind of cute, and Gustav already felt like ancient history. Though, I suppose I really could stand to learn from that fish incident. Maybe I could spin my love of raw fish in a different way this time...
"It was really cool of you to come check on me. Maybe I could buy you lunch as a thank you? How do you feel about sashimi?"
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2020.09.21 18:34 sassy-cheese-cube TIFU by playing WAP in front of my mom.

Firstly, Confession: I had never heard WAP before and neither did I know what it meant because I am not a native English speaker and definitely not a English speaker who knows this kind of vocabulary like Cardi B.
So a few precious moments ago, I decided to give it a try. The big mistake I made was that I decided to play it infront of my mom without headphones. I KNOW I KNOW HUGE MISTAKE BECAUSE CARDI B SONG AND ALL. But in my defense because of South Of The Border I felt that she won't swear that much.
I would also like to add that my mom speaks very little English and would not know what Cardi is saying but still it feels weird listening to a song about wet vaginas and sex infront of your Asian mom. This was my reaction throughout the song:😦😧😨😳😰😱🤯😵
Now here's the continuation of this fuck up: MY MOM LOVED IT AND WOULD NOT LET ME STOP THE SONG. ASJSHSGSJSSJSJS
TL;DR: Listened to WAP in front of my mom who only speaks little English. She loved the song without knowing its meaning and is playin it over and over in the kitchen.🙃
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