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Vanguard Archive Report on New Vex Activity

2020.08.01 08:36 OneWarrior05 Vanguard Archive Report on New Vex Activity

Date: Unknown
Location: Mercury, Infinite Forest, Unknown Timeline
Subject: Ischryos, Omnific Mind + 3 others
We have a new enemy. Hacked Vex files label it as Ischryos, Omnific Mind, along with 3 sub-minds, namely Agrios, Feral Mind, Akatal, Deranged Mind and Kreourg, Annihilation Mind. These 3, along with Ischryos, appear to be the product of a period of prolonged Vex study of Guardians, the Vanguard and the Last City.
The new Vex minds seem to be emulating the command structure of the Vanguard as well as the 3 Guardian types, with Agrios imitating Hunters, Akatal imitating Warlocks and Kreourg imitating Titans. What the Vex have done is taken the primary characteristics of the 3 classes and stretched them to the extreme, with the wild, lone-ranging Hunters becoming feral and rabid in Agrios, curious and knowledge-hungry Warlocks becoming depraved and insane in Akatal and steadfast and dedicated Titans becoming destructive and warlike in Kreourg.
What's more, each Mind has the ability to create types of every standard Vex unit in its own image, meaning each Goblin, Hobgoblin, Harpy, Minotaur and Cyclops have types like Agrios, Akatal and Kreourg. Feral, Deranged and Annihilating.
So far, 5 6-man Fireteams, totaling 30 Guardians, have engaged these new Vex, nicknamed the Sol Mimic Collective, and out of the 30 there have only been 5 survivors, 3 of which are now Ghostless.
Even more worryingly, it seems that the Agrios, Akatal and Kreourg appear to be mirroring not just the 3 Guardian classes but 3 of our enemies as well, those being the Fallen, the Hive and the Cabal respectively. Within these 3 enemies, Agrios and its minions are copying the behavior, tactics and weaponry of the House of Dusk, Akatal the Hidden Swarm and Kreourg the Red Legion.
Agrios, copying the command structure of the Fallen House of Dusk, has begun to style itself as 'Vex Kell'. What's more, there have been sparse reports from [ VIP #3987 - Kell of Light - Misraaks] that his subordinates have been encountering Vex with Fallen equipment and gear in the field. This is corroborated with information within intercepted transmissions from the Red Legion in the European Dead Zone as well as a group of Hunters living outside the City within House of Dusk territory.
Agrios and his Vex collective also display a strange reliance on Ether similar to the Fallen, which seems to give them a 'power boost' when given enough of it, but this reaction is not shown when Ether is injected into normal Vex units. Recently, they have been documented actively attacking the Fallen and harvesting their Servitors for Ether, aggression which is very atypical for the Vex.
This Vex Kell also mimics the habit of searching, seeking and discovering of the Fallen, sending out squads of Vex into dangerous territory to find new and undiscovered places. It is unknown why Agrios does this, but theories abound from extreme mimicry to a genuine hunger for discovery.
Agrios is a fairly large Vex Goblin roughly the size of Brakion, Genesis Mind, and its combat capabilities are the most well-documented out of the 4 new Vex Minds due to its propensity for showboating and displays of power, a trait unusual among the Vex. When engaged, Agrios will dispense a smoke grenade that turns it invisible, and will proceed to teleport around the battlefield at irregular intervals, firing at its opponents with a new weapon Warlocks have dubbed a 'Torch Repeater'.
This Torch Repeater fires Solar bolts at incredible speeds, but can be disabled by shooting its exposed Solar core when Agrios fires it. When the Torch Repeater is damaged, Agrios will abandon it on the ground and attack at close-range with a pair of blades made of an unknown metal known as Radiolarium, which can cause instantaneous Vex Conversion in anything it is stabbed into, akin to consuming radiolaria fluid.
So far, 6 Guardians, most of them Hunters, have fallen to Agrios and its army in the field. It is recommended that Guardians use caution when engaging and utilizing unconventional strategies to throw off Vex simulations and predictions.
Agrios has begun to encroach on Fallen territory in the European Dead Zone, and its status as a self-proclaimed Kell have led the rest of the Fallen House of Dusk to slowly unite against the new Kell and its House. Unfortunately, this unity in combat also extends to the Fallen's battle against Guardians, and this new wave of cooperation is causing Guardian fireteams some problems in the field.
It is currently unknown how to defeat Agrios, but studies have been ongoing, and experiments made by [HNTRVNGRD-CANDIDATE-3 / SHIRO-4] against these Fallen Vex in live combat have been promising.
Akatal has assumed command of a minor division of the Vex Sol Collective on Mercury and grown it to an enormous extent, with dedicated Axis Minds working on creating new Vex no matter the cost, similar to Wizards and their brood.
Following in the steps of the Hive, Akatal, through unknown means, has achieved a successful reproduction of the Hive's Sword-Logic, albeit a corrupted version known as 'Zero-Logic'.
This new Logic revolves around the concept of Reduction, destroying everything until only one remains, and then that one must destroy itself to achieve 'Zero State', which aligns with the final overall goal of the Vex. To prevent this, Akatal has implemented the use of a Minotaur Axis Mind called Katav, Suppressive Mind. Katav's main purpose seems to be stopping the new Hive-Vex from killing themselves and those around them, instead placing a 'cap' on their power once they have gained sufficient power through Zero-Logic that Akatal deems suitable.
Akatal also displays the Hive's love of forbidden and dark knowledge, actively assaulting Hive strongholds on the Moon and on Titan in search of Hive secrets, as well as carrying out the Hive rituals it discovers using its own Vex as test subjects.
Combat reports on Akatal are few and far between, mostly due to the fact that Akatal can use Hive Magic to rend the Light from defeated Guardians, but what little information we have comes from a Warlock named Hamlin Kret who managed to transmit a video feed of his encounter with Akatal before being struck down and dying a final death.
The contents of the video seem to showcase Akatal's frightening capabilities, ranging from creating Darkness Zones similar to what the Hive can do to summoning strange Vex-Hive amalgamations which seem to be Hive in the process of Vex conversion.
Most horrifying of all in the video is Hamlin's final death, captured by his fading Ghost lying a few meters away. Akatal, who had been covered by an opaque Arc Shield the entire time, is seen for the first time.
Bearing an uncanny resemblance to a Hive Wizard, Akatal, a Vex Hydra, around the size of Pagouri, Beloved by Calus, floats through the air with ragged pieces of cloth and glowing ribbons of energy attached to its chassis and a crown of Vex metal and Hive chitin, reaches out with a single hand and with a power unseen since the time of Crota and Oryx, rips the Light from Hamlin and blasts him to pieces with a ball of Arc energy.
It is currently unknown how to defeat Akatal, but *extreme* caution is advised when engaging Akatal, with long-range weaponry being the best current option, as well as applications of Light abilities such as the Hammer of Sol or the Arc Staff.
Kreourg by far poses the most threat to the City and Humanity in general. Its Vex Collective is known as Sol Annullo, worryingly translating to 'Sol Annihilation' in a pre-Golden Age language.
Kreourg has adopted the war strategies of the Red Legion, going so far as to name itself 'Primus', and organizing what would normally be subdivisions of the collective into 'Legions', like the Cabal. Sol Annullo Vex have thicker armor and heavier weapons than most other Vex, with units as light as a Goblin possessing weaponry that would normally be found on a Minotaur.
Intercepted Red Legion communications have revealed that the Cabal in the system are being increasingly harassed and attacked by the Sol Annullo collective, to the point where several Cabal subgroups have been forced into retreat in the face of the Vex onslaught.
The worst tactic Kreourg has learnt from the Cabal is their strategy of Total Destruction - the complete obliteration of any and all conquered regions along with all its inhabitants. If the Sol Annullo collective were to invade and conquer the City like the Red Legion did, there would be no hope of retaking the City as there would be no City left.
Strangely, the Sol Annullo Vex appear to be powered by Cabal Oil, an oily black substance that runs through Cabal pressure suits and powers their equipment, weapons and communications technology. When taken apart, the Cabal Oil has been integrated into the Vex Mind Fluid that the Vex usually run on, coursing through newly-constructed pathways and tubes.
Guardians have started reporting Sol Annullo Vex attacking and taking Red Legion outposts on Mars, and intelligence from [VIP #3801-EMPEROR-CALUS] and his Loyalists has revealed that the Sol Annullo Collective has begun to go out from the Sol System to invade Cabal Empire territory directly in search of more Cabal Oil. This indicates that similar to the Cabal, the Sol Annullo Vex may require Cabal Oil to function, and if this is the case, this reliance may be able to be exploited.
Kreourg itslef is a colossal Vex Minotaur around the size of Acanthos, Gate Lord, with numerous Cabal-esque accessories adorning its frame, including two large fan-like structures on its back as well as bulky armor plates covering its body. Armed with a weapon that appears to be a fusion between an Aeon Maul and a Cabal Bronto Cannon as well as a devastating missile battery installed on its shoulders similar to a Colossus, Kreourg is a force to be reckoned with.
Out of the 30 Guardians sent to face the Agrios, Akatal and Kreourg, 7 have fallen to Agrios, 6 to Akatal and 12 to Kreourg, marking it as having the highest death count of the 3 new Vex Minds. Major firepower is advised when engaging Kreourg, with the Vanguard even looking into drawing Kreourg out onto Mercury's surface to they can bombard it with an orbital strike.
Ischryos is the most elusive of the new Vex Minds, but hacked Vex Confluxes as well as information extracted from captured Vex Units seems to point to the fact that Ischryos is one large information collecting, storing and processing machine. Thought to be an unknown Vex unit type, [VIP #3801-EMPEROR-CALUS] has come forward saying that Ischryos is the first of millions of the true Vex Soldiers, as the Vex units we have encountered thus far have merely been, 'gardeners, engineers and managers'.
So far, only one Guardian, a Hunter on a Fireteam sent to destroy Agrios, has seen Ischryos directly. This Hunter, one Akito-5, was able to access a Vex Gate that Agrios was guarding and slip through while the rest of his Fireteam was keeping Agrios busy. Akito-5 managed to capture a large amount of data on Ischryos through handheld sensor arrays, but was unable to see Ischryos clearly. Akito was able to transmit this data back to the Vanguard, and microphone recordings from his Ghost show that he was eventually overwhelmed and defeated by hordes of Vex.
The data captured by Akito revealed that Ischryos is approximately one hundred and eighty feet in height, and exists in state of temporal flux, able to be in multiple places in multiple timelines at once, similar to the behavior of Atheon, Time's Conflux.
Vanguard scholars have theorized that Ischryos' true purpose is surveillance and reconnaissance instead of active combat. Several fragments of Vex data recorded in Akito-5's transmission show that Ischryos has been collecting information on the Fallen, Hive and Cabal in the Sol System through a mixture of covert operations and hacking into their electronics.
Following this revelation, a purge of all foreign entries and logs in the Vanguard archives was carried out to eliminate all potential Vex presence within the system, and the purge was successful in rooting out two Vex presences that can be linked back to Ischryos.
Advisories on Ischryos areeeeeeefWQ0WQ9///DQWD2901--321/DWQ >!PASSION AND PARADOX.!< / DWQJIOIO00saccess8765.ffcomsauvanetdrcrds/ >!AID THE VISION!< / H̵͋ͯ̓̐ͩ͜U̢ͣ͞Nͧ̂ͦͤTͨͧͮͥ̑͐̏́R̴̎ͯͤ̋̋̃͂͡V̸͑̆̔̽͐͒͑̍͟N͛̋̌G̀ͭ̕Rͭ̈͢͝҉Ḑ͑̎̌ͭT̶ͬIͥ̆̾ͨ̉̽̔̇̕T̵ͪ̐̌ͧA̷̽ͨͫ̌̒nͬ͑ͮͪ̊̃̕͟V̡̧̾̅n̸̛̛̽̋g͐̽ͨͫ̇҉̀u̐̓͑̑́r̛ͤ̋́d̢ͧ̇̋̾ͭ̒̕w̢͆͌ͩ͗̆͒ͧR̾̓̑͋ͫ̿͂̚͏̸́l̎̄o̴̐͛̿̈́̓̓̀͡c̊̈͆͞k̛̾̿̑̉̐̉V̄̈́̾̒͛̑n̴̶̢̉͋ͧͮ̿̍̅g̴̸͌̈̏̀ͫ̔͏a̵͑ͥͧͮD̢̨̽͑̚ / >!SIMPLICITY REQUIRES COMPLEXITY !!RESENT THE JOKE!< / AccESSvnGrdReffsht3211-bbbw$$%HUNTrVngrdCndites / >!GLIMPSE THE CHASM !< / Z̷͑ͮ̂̚͢eͫ͋ͬ̃̿͑͒ͭ́͡ŗ̂̌ͧͣ͆͟o̶̴̐͑̊̋͑ͯ̄͝ Z̷͑ͮ̂̚͢eͫ͋ͬ̃̿͑͒ͭ́͡ŗ̂̌ͧͣ͆͟o̶̴̐͑̊̋͑ͯ̄͝ Z̷͑ͮ̂̚͢eͫ͋ͬ̃̿͑͒ͭ́͡ŗ̂̌ͧͣ͆͟o̶̴̐͑̊̋͑ͯ̄͝ Z̷͑ͮ̂̚͢eͫ͋ͬ̃̿͑͒ͭ́͡ŗ̂̌ͧͣ͆͟o̶̴̐͑̊̋͑ͯ̄͝ Z̷͑ͮ̂̚͢eͫ͋ͬ̃̿͑͒ͭ́͡ŗ̂̌ͧͣ͆͟o̶̴̐͑̊̋͑ͯ̄͝ Z̷͑ͮ̂̚͢eͫ͋ͬ̃̿͑͒ͭ́͡ŗ̂̌ͧͣ͆͟o̶̴̐͑̊̋͑ͯ̄͝ Z̷͑ͮ̂̚͢eͫ͋ͬ̃̿͑͒ͭ́͡ŗ̂̌ͧͣ͆͟o̶̴̐͑̊̋͑ͯ̄͝ 00000000000
Edit: grammar
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2017.01.20 03:02 ItsDijital How the hell do I get a display output [BBB W]

I was so excited to get my black wireless and couldn't wait play with it.
Instead I have spent about 16 hours total now trying to get this god damn fucking thing to output on my monitor. Every single step of the way to get this thing running has been a nightmare. Nothing works like the documentation says, documentation which is flat out wrong at worst and dated at best. Unsurprisingly, my rpi zero which I got the same day works fine.
Anyway enough ranting. I have a Samsung S24B350 monitor. It supports most of the outputs of the BBBW, including the default. It gets a signal but the screen stays black outside an occasional single frame of flicker. The BBBW does work on my TV, so I know it's not faulty.
I have been using this line in uEnv.txt to change the resolutions, although sometimes it doesn't stick
> cmdline=coherent_pool=1M quiet cape_universal=enable video=HDMI-A-1:[email protected] 
Out of the box it lacked the "video=HDMI-A-1:[email protected]" part so i added it. No idea if that's the right thing to do because I cannot find any documentation about this line. I change the resolutions to ones that both the BBB documentation and my monitor documentation say they support. i use "fbset" to check what the output is set too when i reboot with a new resolution. Nothing has worked, but no idea if this is the right way to do it.
Tried using xrandr commands and just get the error "Can't open display". No idea what that means.
Also found a fix for a similar samsung display. It modifies/uses something in "/varun/gdm/". However my BBBW running the latest image has no "/varun/gdm/" directory. WTF is going on?
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